Beautiful Farmhouse Vignettes

Maybe it’s the winter blues, but this past week I decided to take down most of my Farmhouse Decor and put it in a large pile on the Living Room floor.  I didn’t like the way things were put together and I knew if I gave it a little attention, it could be much better.  So I decided to rearrange the items to make some Farmhouse Vignettes. One of the benefits of blogging is you have this track record of everything you’ve done in the past, just in case you need to put it back together. 🙂  Of coarse, I did this project while my husband was out of town.  He gets a little antsy when I start rearranging things around here.

Beautiful Home Decor Vignettes

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I actually learned a lot from this process and it was kind of fun.  So here it goes…


Start with a tray, box, basket, cage or even a cutting board.  It doesn’t matter what you choose as long as it can serve as an anchor point for your items.  I also found that it looks much better if you place a table runner, place-mat, napkin, doily or some other type of textured item under your anchor point.  You can see here that I started with a vintage tray and placed a table runner under it.  Then I placed a faux wood charger inside the tray and layered it with a striped napkin that ties in nicely with the table runner.

Beautiful Home Decor Vignettes


After I put all my home decor items in one place, I created groupings of items with similar style and color.  In the image below, the metal tub works well with the black tray and the flowers go well with the book colors and natural pebbles inside the candle holder.

Beautiful Home Decor Vignettes


Include natural colored items with texture like books, grapevine, twigs or sticks, stones, pebbles, shells, and wood items like coasters or even the natural wood heart in the image below.  These items warm up the vignette and provide interest and texture that appeals to the senses.

Beautiful Home Decor Vignettes


When I first started taking pictures of my home, I read that you should always include something living in your photos.  I think this is true for vignettes, too.  We all love the vibrancy of green plants that represent life and freshen up our outlook.  Some items you might consider are small house plants, fresh flowers, moss, leaves, or even a variety of faux greenery.

Beautiful Home Decor Vignettes


Candles create a sense of warmth and comfort.  They represent light and well being.  Who doesn’t love a candlelit dinner or the fresh fragrance of a candle while they are reading a good book.  They also can bring in that element of black, grey, or white that you need to balance out a color scheme.

Beautiful Home Decor Vignettes


Try to start with the tallest item first.  In the image below, I started with the vase of flowers and then layered in the items around it.  This helped me know how to properly scale or choose the other items in the vignette.

Beautiful Home Decor Vignettes


Glass is so beautiful!  I never really noticed it before I started taking pictures.  It has this way of bouncing the light around and creating this shiny illumination.  If you scroll back up through the pictures, you will notice it on every glass item.  It just gives you this bright and airy feeling.

Beautiful Home Decor Vignettes


The Farmhouse Style Decor is really about wood, white, black & natural.  There is just something about this combination that I love.  It’s so simple!  It’s also very versatile.  I love that you can bring touches of any color in and it just works.  I also like that you can change those pops of color any time you want without having to redo everything.  This works for a girl who likes change!  I do think some color is important to draw the eye in and liven things up a bit.

Beautiful Home Decor Vignettes


In the picture below, it’s mostly about texture and pattern.  The beautiful embroidery and lace on the table runner contrast the dark table nicely.  Then I brought the dark color back in with the metal tray and layered it yet again with light colored items full of texture and a little bit of color.  There’s not much there, but it still cozy’s things up.

Beautiful Home Decor Vignettes


Beautiful Home Decor Vignettes

I’m always reminded how important the attention to detail is with Home Decor.  All those little things add up to make a house a home!  I hope this post helps you put together some beautiful and original Farmhouse Vignettes.  Let me know in the comments if you tried this.





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  1. Lovely vignettes for your family to enjoy this spring. I am inspired. I actually put vignettes on my to do list for today. Perfect timing for your post to be featured.
    Happy Decorating,
    Kippi #kippiathome

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