Cute Pumpkin Craft For Your Fall Home Decor

Who doesn’t love a cute pumpkin craft for fall? My husband and I took a trip to Amish Country in Ohio last week. Since it’s just over an hour from home, we try to visit once a year. I enjoy the home decor inspiration and he loves the food! It’s a win-win.

Cute pumpkin craft tutorial to create fall decor for your home.

While visiting, I stumbled across the most adorable felted pumpkins. I don’t know how I’ve never seen these before. However, after glancing at the sticker price, I was shocked to see they were more than ten dollars each. To fill a vase or jar, it would cost me over a $100. After looking into the process of making them, I understood why. You need to continuously poke the felt with a little needle until it is fully adhered to the foam. Can you say labor intensive?

Cute pumpkin craft tutorial to create fall decor for your home.

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When I arrived home, I started researching a better way to make something similar, but inexpensive. I kept seeing yarn pumpkins, but they just weren’t full enough and seemed a little off. So I started experimenting and came up with a better way. Here is the process I used to make these cute little yarn pumpkins.


Supplies to make a cute yarn and Styrofoam pumpkin craft.


I found it best to cut and prepare all of the Styrofoam balls at once. While it’s easy to do, it still makes a bit of a mess. I prepared about 24 of these in about 20-25 minutes. Then, I brushed them off and put them all in a container and set them in the living room. In the evenings, while watching TV, I added the yarn.

To start, use a serrated knife and cutting board to cut each side of the foam ball flat. I found it looked more like a pumpkin shape to cut a larger piece off of the bottom and a smaller piece off of the top.

How to prepare the Styrofoam balls for a yarn pumpkin.

I know this step looks a little scary, but I promise it’s the easiest way to create a hole in to middle of your foam without using heat. Use a drill and a spade bit to create a 1/2″ hole in the foam balls. The foam cuts really easy and you’re done in a snap with the spade bit. Just be extra careful to keep your hands clear of the drill and put a scrap board under the foam to protect your surface. If you have a better method, please share it with us in the comments down below.

How to prepare the Styrofoam balls for a yarn pumpkin.

Here is the bottom of one of the foam balls, ready for yarn.

How to prepare the Styrofoam balls for a yarn pumpkin.


Pull out about 2-3 arm-lengths of yarn and cut it with your scissors. Then string one end of your yarn through the needle, but don’t tie it. I found that working in smaller sections saved time because you don’t have to string such a long piece of yarn through the hole over and over.

How to thread the yarn for a pumpkin craft.

Feed the needle through the center hole of the foam, leaving a 1 inch tail. Then wrap the yard back up over the tail to hold it in place. Continue to hold the yarn taut with your left hand while you string the next loop of yarn through the center hole again.

How to secure the yarn for a pumpkin craft.

Repeat this process until you have a short piece of yarn left. Then feed the end under the previous row or two to secure the end down. Snip off any excess. Now start the process over with a new piece of yarn.

How to weave the yarn for a Styrofoam pumpkin.

As I made quite a few of these pumpkins, I found it best to keep the yarn taut. When finished with each section of yarn (several rows), scrunch the top and bottom of the yarn on the foam tightly together with your fingers. This prevents the foam from showing through the yarn and keeps the yarn evenly dispersed.

Here is a picture of the bottom of one of the pumpkins. You can see how tightly the yarn is and how it filled up the center hole. The largest pumpkin I made was 4″. If you are going to make a larger pumpkin, you will want to make your center hole larger than 1/2″.

Finished yarn pumpkin before the stem is added.


To make the stems for your pumpkin, you will need to get a small branch from your yard. I chose one that was about 1/2″ thick at it’s widest part. I used the thicker side for the larger pumpkins and the thinner parts for the smaller pumpkins.

To cut the stick into pieces, use a good pair of pruning shears. Cut the stems anywhere from 1-2″ long, depending on the size of the pumpkin.

How to cut the stem for your pumpkin.

Once the stem is cut, use the shears to remove the bark from one end of it. Like in the photograph below.

How to cut the stem for your pumpkin.

Then press the stem into the center of the pumpkin. The yarn in the center of the pumpkin held the stems in place well, so I didn’t need to use glue. If you are concerned at all, you could use hot glue to secure the stems. Here is a closeup of a finished pumpkin.

Cute pumpkin craft tutorial to create fall decor for your home.

I am really pleased with the way these turned out. It’s such an inexpensive way to add color and texture to your home during the fall season. They would also make a beautiful party favor in a table setting.

Cute pumpkin craft tutorial to create fall decor for your home.


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Fall pumpkin printable with a modern farmhouse style hand picked pumpkin sign for your autumn home decorating.

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Cute pumpkin craft tutorial to create fall decor for your home.
Cute pumpkin craft tutorial to create fall decor for your home.
Cute pumpkin craft tutorial to create fall decor for your home.

This was such a fun and relaxing project. Hopefully this gave you some inspiration for your own cute pumpkin craft. Have a wonderful fall season!



    1. Hi Ginny. This is a great question. I checked on Amazon and an apple corer at its smallest size is 7/8″. I think that would work, but I haven’t tried it. Please let me know if you try it, I would love to share with others if it works.

  1. These look beautiful. I am setting everything up for a crafting party with my grandsons this weekend (9 & 7). I can’t wait to post the pictures.

    1. Hi Roberta. That sounds like so much fun! That is my heart with crafting…bringing people together to do something they love. Special times!

  2. Hi Laura,
    What brand yarn is the orange yarn? Also, how many pumpkins can one make from the skeins of yarn? These are so cute, hope to make some for myself and my 2 daughters!

    1. Hi Sandy. The Brand I used is Big Twist and the color is Mustard. I don’t know exactly, but I estimate about 10 pumpkins per skein. I hope this helps.

      1. Hi Laura,
        We made these pumpkins today. They look awesome but I have two questions….

        1st my string doesn’t have that wavy look to it do you think I pulled the yarn too tight? Also the yarn looks very furry after strining it through the styrofoam did you put anything on the outside to make it look or sleek?

        1. Hi Wendy. I’m so glad you like them. Some of the yarn I used was twisted, I think it’s called Big Twist. Those pumpkins came out wavy. I’m not sure about your pumpkins that look “furry”. None of mine turned out that way. The only guess I have is that maybe your center hole was too small and the yarn pulled away as you fed it through. Did you possibly use a different type of yarn?

  3. This is such a fantastic DIY! Easy, adorable, and so affordable! I was wondering, what size styrofoam ball are you showing in the step-by-step photos? With larger sized ones, did you make the center hole larger, or keep it 1/2″? Thank you so much for such a great idea!!

    1. Hi Brittany. The Styrofoam balls I used came in a 6 pack of 1.9″, 2.4″, 2.8″ and 3.8″. All of these sizes work with a 1/2″ hole. If you go larger than a 3.8″ you’ll need a bigger hole as the yarn will fill the hole on a larger pumpkin. I hope this helps!

  4. I used a fuzzy yarn to make a small pumpkin. I’m having difficulty at the end pulling the yarn through. Any suggestions for easing the finishing? I think I will try a bigger hole for this yarn.

  5. These are so perfect for fall. May I ask where you brought the chunky yarn from? Those colors would match my decor perfectly.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Ashley. I purchased the Styrofoam balls from Walmart and I found the yarn at Jo-Ann Fabics. I found and linked to the yarn and Styrofoam balls under supplies at the top of the post. The yarn is linked to Amazon. The one exact color I couldn’t find was the muted orange. If you want that specific color, I purchased it from Jo-Ann’s. It’s called Big Twist and the color was called Natural Mustard. The photo is a bit brightened so the orange is slightly darker than pictured. Hopefully this helps!

    1. Hi Sharon. It takes about 24 pumpkins to fill the dough bowl. This makes it a little mounded above the edges. You could have less, but I like the way it looks with more. I mixed in some of my other pumpkins to finish it off. Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Jill. If you have a regular 1/2″ drill bit, that would work. Most people don’t have regular drill bits that large. The goal is to just make a 1/2″ hole or larger. Hope this helps!

  6. Hi from Kansas-
    I love everything about your site! Four of us high school friends get together 2-3 times a year, and this weekend is one of them! Guess what? We are making the yarn covered pumpkins and I am so excited! They will admit they are not very crafty, so they put me in charge and your site was recommended. These are going to be fun and simple! (I hope so 😉 Lol) I found the perfect yarn and I am going to search for the wood bowl you have your pumpkins displayed in! I am excited and ready for a craft weekend with my tribe! If okay with you, I’ll post you a picture of us and our pumpkins!
    Happy Fall!
    Jill R. Wichita, KS

    1. Hi Jill. I love comments like this! It is the reason why I blog. It has always been my desire to facilitate community, friends and family time through crafting. I hope you have a wonderful get-together and I’d love to see your pictures!

  7. These are so pretty! I want to try making some of these little pumpkins this fall, too. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us!!

  8. Hi Laura,

    We just moved into a new home, and I don’t have many decorations, so I decided it would be fun to make some. I came across this idea on Pinterest and from there discovered your blog. I am so excited to follow along and try more of your creations. These turned out beautifully! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity!

    1. Hi Marie. Congratulations on your new home and I’m so glad you found my blog. Hopefully you’ll find many creative DIY projects & crafts here for your home. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement, they really brightened my day!

  9. Hi Laura, These are so cute! I’m getting together with my two daughters-in-law, my sons girlfriend & my boyfriends daughter got a girls craft day to make these! Family time is so important and these will be fun to make! Thank you for the great idea!

    1. Hi Tonya. I’m so glad you like them. It sounds like you have a fun time planned with family. My sister and I always talk about how we like to do things when we visit. Family craft time is perfect. I hope you make some wonderful memories!

  10. THANK YOU SO Much Laura 👍🏼♥️!! These ARE ADORABLE 🥰!!! I saw comment About The Wooden BOWL, I Got Lucky At a Thrift Store And Only Paid Like 1.99 $ For Mine 👍🏼If That, It’s BEEN A long Time SINCE I bought it ! I bought it to paint and DISTRESS it and put potpourri on My dining Room Table.Thanks For Sharing YARN BRAND! G-d♥️Bless😊

  11. These turned out so cute, and you make it seem so easy! In the past I’ve always decorated with real pumpkins, but I feel like they get so messy. So I’m excited to try making these faux ones that will (hopefully) last for years to come, thanks!

  12. I used my husband’s drill press to easily core the styrofoam balls……I found after drilling straight down I could lean the ball into the drill bit to shape the hole more angled to look like a pumpkin. Girls’ weekend is next week will be lots of fun being crafty and making these together. Love your colors….instructions were easy and complete.

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