Easy Paper Christmas Star With Free SVG And PDF Templates

The Christmas Star has always inspired awe and wonder. I know Astronomers have many theories as to how it naturally occurred and I am filled with joy that it was a symbol to guide the Magi to the exact location of Jesus’ birth. The Bible says the star went ahead of the Magi and stopped over the place where the child was. It reminds me of the scripture verse John 12:46, “I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness.” NIV

My paper Christmas stars don’t hold a candle to the miraculous celestial occurrence 2,000 years ago, but they are a creative expression of my faith and hope.

Christmas fireplace mantel with manger scene and DIY paper Christmas star.

2020 has been a year filled with many challenges, difficulties and darkness. May these paper stars bring you light and joy as you create them with friends and family this Christmas season.

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How To Download The Free Paper Christmas Star SVG or PDF Templates

There are over 70 files in the free resource library. You can make paper crafts like this Christmas Village, print out holiday gift tags or make these paper stars along with many other projects.

Paper Christmas star craft with free printable SVG cut files.

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How To Cut Your Paper Star Templates

A PDF instruction page for cutting the star files is available in the library. Open the file and follow the instructions for downloading and cutting the star templates on either a Cricut or Silhouette machine.

If you don’t have a cutting machine, download and open the PDF star templates and print them on card-stock (65 lb.) to cut with a craft knife.

After cutting your star templates, remove the extra card-stock from around the star and place the extra four triangles aside for later. To prevent the star from tearing, lift one point of the star at a time.

Removing a cut paper Christmas Star from a cutting mat.

Most of your cut pieces will be left behind on the mat, but there may be a few left over pieces that need to be removed once you lift the star.

Single panel for a DIY Christmas star.

Use your scraper tool to remove the left overs from the mat for disposal.

Clearing a cutting mat of extra paper pieces for an electronic cutting machine.

You will need to cut two copies of the star to complete the 3D shape.

Ready to assemble pieces for a 3D Bethlehem Christmas Star craft.

How To Fold The Patterned Paper Star

Fold the eight star points outward and the eight center “V” areas inward. The score lines on the star will guide your folds and the diagrams below clearly show the process.

To begin, fold the star in half vertically and then unfold it. Next, fold it in half horizontally and unfold it. Lastly, fold it along diagonal lines, one at a time and unfold them.

How to fold a paper Christmas star.

Now, flip the star over so you are folding it in the opposite direction along the green lines, like in the image below. Unfolding it before starting each new fold. Again, you are following the score lines that your cutting machine already placed.

How to fold a paper Christmas star.

This image is the back side of one panel after it has been folded.

Folded Bethlehem Christmas Star.

This is the front side of the panel, once folded.

Folded Bethlehem Christmas Star.

Create The Four Connector Pieces To Attach The Front And Back Star Panels

I created these connector pieces to combine your front and back panels for a 3D effect. You can see the pre-cut dashes that represent the score lines. Fold along the four score lines. All folds are in the same direction, creating a cone-like piece.

Adding adhesive for the connection pieces to assemble a homemade paper Christmas star.

Unfold the cone to make it flat again. Add a generous amount of adhesive to the entire inside of the cone, concentrating on the long straight side of the triangle. This is where the cone connects and closes.

Adding adhesive for the connection pieces to assemble a homemade paper Christmas star.

The image below shows the four completed connection points for your star.

Connection pieces to assemble a homemade paper Christmas star.

At this point, you should have two folded star panels and four connection pieces.

Ready to assemble pieces for a 3D Bethlehem Christmas Star craft.

How To Assemble The Vellum Star Pattern Pieces

If you are making the vellum star file, the process will be slightly different. Cut the star on your cutting machine and leave it on the cutting mat. Don’t remove the extra card-stock, as it works as a shield for your adhesive overflow. Add your adhesive all along the star frame.

How to assemble a paper Christmas Star craft.

Now remove the extra card-stock and leave the sticky star frame on your mat.

How to cut a paper Christmas Star with a Silhouette Cameo.

Line up your vellum with the star frame on the mat and run your fingers around the perimeter of the star frame to connect the two pieces.

How to cut a Christmas star with a Cricut.

Now carefully remove the star from your cutting mat. Lift one point of the star at a time finishing with the center area. The star should now look like the image below.

Paper Bethlehem Star craft luminary.

Follow the same folding instructions as in the previous section to create the 3D effect for your star panel.

How to fold a paper Christmas star to create a luminary.

How To Connect Your Paper Star Panels To Form A 3D Shape

Position the front and back star panels with the inside of the stars facing each other. Next, line the top points up with each other and press them flat. Now slide the top connection point (thin connector) over the tip of the star until it is all the way down. (Note: There is adhesive on the entire inside of the connector, so you may need to hold the star panels up off of the table between your thumb and index finger and slide the connector over them. Don’t squeeze the connector or it will stick closed on itself.)

How to assemble a paper Christmas Star craft.

Once the connector is all the way in place on the star tip, squeeze it closed, so it sticks to the tip of the star and holds the front and back star panels together. The image shows what it should look like. Repeat this process on the bottom star point.

How to assemble a paper Christmas Star craft.

The left and right points of the star are slightly wider. You will use the wider connectors for these points.

How to assemble a paper Christmas Star craft.

Now gently squeeze the sides of the connectors and star points to pop the star back into a 3D shape. Add some string through the top of the star to hang it.

Adding string to hang your star.

How To Add An LED Candle

If you want to add an LED candle, thread a string through the top of the light. Measure the distance from the center of your star to the bottom of the top connector. Leave that much string (doubled to form a loop) from the top of the LED candle and tie a knot. Be sure to leave 2 – 4 extra inches of string for after the knot. Slip your LED candle inside of the star and feed one end of your extra string out the top left and the other string out the top right of the star. The knot you created will stop under the top connector leaving the candle to hang down in the center of the star. Now tie a knot at the two ends to close the loop for hanging.

Different Star Designs

I made several variations of the stars to give you some inspiration and show you how to customize them. This star is made from gold card-stock and has a vellum layer under it.

3D Bethlehem Christmas Star Craft.

This star is made from white card-stock and silver paper.

Paper Christmas star craft with free printable SVG cut files.

This one is white card-stock and red paper.

Paper Christmas star craft with free printable PDF files.

The vellum star works nicely with our mantel decor and is my favorite.

Christmas fireplace mantel with manger scene and DIY paper Christmas star.

It’s simple and classic to go with my Christmas decorations.

Christmas fireplace mantel with manger scene and DIY paper Christmas star.


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Free printable Christmas gift tags, farmhouse style.


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Christmas fireplace mantel with manger scene and DIY paper Christmas star.
Christmas fireplace mantel with manger scene and DIY paper Christmas star.

What is your favorite holiday memory, tradition or activity? For me it was opening one gift on Christmas Eve, while my mom was busy making final preparations for Christmas dinner in the kitchen. Our home was filled with warmth and the love of family (all 8 of us). Those were special times! Thanks for stopping by and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



  1. I’m not sure what kind of LED light you would use, but how woukd you turn it off and on if it’s inside the star? I suppose they make a small LED light with a remote control. But even then, there would not be any way to replace the battery. Maybe these stars are only meant to be used for one season?

  2. Hello! I am having a hard time finding the PDF file with the instructions on how to use the file for Cricut. Can you please advise?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Crystal. To make the paper star using the Cricut, you go into the library and then click on the picture. Choose the last file (SVG file) from the options available. Sometimes a device/computer will change this to look like a web browser or HTML file. Rest assured you need to download the last file of the options. There is a short video (2 minutes) at the top of the library to learn how to download the files. Once you’ve done that, open Cricut Design Space and upload the file into your software. It will be in your Downloads folder on your device. When the star designs are on your canvas, change all of the black lines to score lines (under operation) and then attach the lines to the stars. Attach is located at the bottom of the layers panel. Then you can just choose Make It. Load your scoring wheel and then your Fine Pointe blade. The software will prompt you for these. I find it best to use 65 lb cardstock and the (Cardstock for Intricate Cuts) setting in the software. If you have additional questions, please email me at laura@heartfilledspaces.com. This should get you started.

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