Free Editable Printable Kitchen Pantry Labels for Storage Containers

It’s time to update and organize my pantry again and I decided to create some new kitchen pantry labels in the process. I love how they add a little farmhouse charm to the canisters!

This time around I decided to streamline the process, so I never have to make a new template again. After many requests, I’ve updated this label template to make them editable and printable. I’ve also tested out the printing process and came up with the easiest method to make these labels.

Farmhouse pantry labels on whit canisters.

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The original 42 food storage labels are still available in the library. They are split into three categories, Baking, Grains and Beverages/Snacks. I’ve included a variety of common pantry items.

This new editable and printable template allows you to add your own custom labels and print them out. Now you can have them say exactly what you want. All lines are editable except for (FRESH FARMHOUSE). Here is an image of the new labels.

Free Editable and Printable kitchen pantry labels to organize your food storage containers.


After trying a few different options, I recommend using Avery 18665 Full Sheet Shipping Labels.

These labels are clear, but they look a little like invisible tape. They have a little bit of haze to them. I’m recommending these labels because you can cut them yourself. I tried a couple of other labels and even when using the right form, the alignment was off when I printed them. The goal is to keep these labels easy to print and free from frustration.


The Avery 18665 clear labels look great on both white and clear containers.

If you are covering a colored or dark container, I suggest you use Zicoto Inkjet Vinyl Matte Sticker Sheets. These are white, so your text will show up well. They are also water resistant. I tested them and they are truly water resistant. Here are the two labels side by side.

Clear verses white kitchen pantry labels for use with the editable printable label template.
Left – Avery 18665 Clear Full Sheet Shipping Labels | Right – Zicoto White Inkjet Labels


To download the kitchen pantry label template and receive instant access to my free library, just subscribe at the top sidebar or at the bottom of this post. You will be sent a welcome email with the password to the library. Go to the library page and enter the password, then download any of the designs you would like. This file is available as an editable PDF.

Free editable and printable kitchen pantry labels to organize your food storage containers.


Make sure your paper size is set to letter. Always do a test print on plain paper first. Check your printer to make sure your paper is loaded in the right direction. Every printer should have one of these little icons that indicates which way to load the paper. I have an HP Envy and the paper is loaded face down.

How to load labels into an inkjet printer to create kitchen pantry labels.

Before you print, check your printer settings. You want the size set to fit, orientation set to portrait, paper set to plain, and print quality to normal. When done printing, give your labels a few minutes to dry to prevent smearing.


You can use either scissors or a paper trimmer to cut your labels.

If using a paper trimmer, line up the outside border line of the labels with the edge of the opening on the trimmer. This worked perfectly to leave just the right size border around the label.

How to cut full sheet Avery labels with a paper trimmer.

If using scissors, use a pair with long blades to make even cuts.

How to cut full sheet Avery labels with scissors.


Remove the paper backing, find the center of your container and stick them on. Both types of labels can be peeled off to re-position them, if needed.


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Free editable and printable templates for kitchen pantry labels for food storage containers.
Free editable and printable templates for kitchen pantry labels for food storage containers.
Free editable and printable templates for kitchen pantry labels for food storage containers.
Free editable and printable templates for kitchen pantry labels for food storage containers.

I hope these Kitchen Pantry Labels help you with your organization project. Thanks for stopping by!





    1. Thank you for the question. At this time I don’t have an editable template to share as a PDF. I am currently working on learning the process. Check back at a later date, as it might be available. These pantry labels would be a great printable to test the process on.

    1. Hi Deb. I don’t currently have canning labels. However, I could see this being a helpful printable and will consider it in the future. Thank you for the kind comment and helpful suggestion.

  1. Hi Laura,

    I absolutely love these labels. Especially on those white jars on the first picture. Can I buy those on Amazon?

    Greetings from the Netherlands 😊


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