How To Make Paper Pumpkins For Your Fall Decor

Follow along and learn how to make these gorgeous paper pumpkins for your fall decor. These pumpkins also have a special place on the underside for LED candles to add a warm glow to your home in the evenings.

Handmade paper pumpkins for Thanksgiving.

Every now and then, I finish a craft and my heart skips a beat. I had an image in my mind’s eye of how I wanted these to look, but they turned out way prettier. I imagined a delicate pattern to let the light shine through, so when I designed them I added this pretty leaf motif.

They are so charming, both during the day and in the evening.

Shop SVG files for your Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine.

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Six Paper Pumpkin Patterns Available

There are a total of six 3D Paper Pumpkins Available. To learn more about the different designs available for purchase, visit the SVG Shop.

3D Paper Pumpkin SVG Designs

There is one pumpkin file available in the free library as well. You can read more about how to gain access to the library further down in this post or on the library page.

3D Paper Pumpkin Videos

There are three separate videos to help you create these pumpkins. There’s an Assembly Video, a Cricut Design Space video, and a Silhouette Studio video.

The Assembly Video includes the 6 different pumpkin designs, the supplies needed to create them, and the assembly process. The Cricut Tech video shows you how to prepare the files to cut in Cricut Design Space. The Silhouette Tech video shows you how to prepare the files to cut in Silhouette Studio.

Paper Pumpkin Assembly Video

Silhouette Studio Tech Tutorial

Cricut Design Space Tech Tutorial

Supplies To Make Paper Pumpkins

Download The Free 3D Paper Pumpkin SVG Cut File

I designed these paper pumpkins to be cut on an electronic cutting machine (i.e. Silhouette Cameo or Cricut). Before you begin this craft, you’ll need to cut out the various pieces to be assembled later. Here is a picture of the paper and vellum pieces once they are cut.

Paper pumpkin cut out pieces.

To download the free 3D Paper Pumpkin SVG (Vine Design) cut file, subscribe at the top right sidebar or at the bottom of this post. In a few moments, you will receive a welcome email with the password. Go to the Library Page and enter the password (from the Welcome Email) in the empty box towards the bottom of the Library Page. You can also access the library on the top menu bar any time you’d like with your password.

Please keep in mind that the password is case-sensitive and does have spaces. Also, check to make sure your caps lock is turned off. If you have any problems, email me at and I’ll do my best to help.

Once in the Library, there is a video to walk you through the file download process.

Instructions For Cricut Users

When downloading the files for Cricut Design Space, choose the SVG version of the files. Then upload them into Cricut Design Space. You will need to change the score lines and attach them to your panels. If you are unsure about this process, please watch the video above. It will walk you through Cricut Design Space step by step.

Resizing The Files:

The files upload into your cutting machine’s software to be cut on 8.5 X 11-inch paper. If you choose to make them larger, make sure you select all of the pumpkin files together before resizing them.

If you are unsure of how to make the changes to the score lines and attach them, please watch the video at the top of this post. It will walk you through Cricut Design Space.

Instructions For Silhouette Users

If you have Silhouette Studio Designer or Business Edition you will want to download the SVG file and open it in Silhouette Studio. If you have the Basic Edition of Silhouette Studio, you will want to download the DXF version of the file from the library. Once the files are in your software, you will need to change the score lines before you cut them. If you are unsure how to do this process, please watch the video towards the top of this blog post. It walks you through the step-by-step process in the software.

Create The Sides Of Your Pumpkin

Before we begin, it’s important to cover your table surface with a protective paper, preferably something that can be thrown away for easy clean-up.

First, fold the ends of all of the panels and place them so the folded ends are facing up.

Fold lines on the pumpkin panels.

To attach the vellum to your leaf panels, use a glue stick on one side of the vellum.

Attach the vellum with a glue stick.

Then place the glue side of the vellum on the back of your leaf panel. The glue will dry clear with a little shine to it.

Place the vellum on the back of the pumpkin panel.

Roll over the panel with a brayer to help the vellum evenly stick to the panel. Lift the panel up from your surface, so it doesn’t stick to the paper under it. Repeat this process for all twelve of the side panels.

Assemble The Top Of The Paper Pumpkin

When attaching the panels to the top portion of the paper pumpkin, you can use Precision Craft Glue.

Attach the panels to the top of the pumpkin.

Select the top polygon. It is the smaller one without a slit in it. Use the sides of the polygon as your guide, placing one panel per side of the polygon. Placing the fold on the edge of the polygon.

Work your way around the polygon attaching each of the twelve side panels to the top polygon.

All of the side panels attached.

Once all of your sides are attached, flip the pumpkin over, so you can see the underside with the vellum.

All of the attached side panels of the pumpkin.

Add The Center Supports To Your Pumpkin

There are two fold lines on each end of the support pieces. Fold the ends of the four supports in a “Z” shape. Place them on the pumpkin with the center fold facing up.

Now attach the four supports to the underside of the top polygon using your precision craft glue. Make sure that they are spaced out evenly, in the shape of a plus sign. See the image below as a guide.

Attach the inner supports with precision craft glue.

Assemble The Bottom Of The Paper Pumpkin

Now begin to attach the side panels to one of the larger (bottom) polygons.

Attach the side panels to the bottom polygon.

Work your way around the polygon until all of the twelve panels are attached.

Attach the side panels to the bottom polygon.

Now, using a weeding tool (hook), bring one of the inner supports up through the center of the bottom polygon. Press the pumpkin down a little and glue the end of the support to the polygon. Repeat this process for all four supports.

Attach the inner support pieces to the bottom polygon.

Once all four supports are glued into place, add some glue to the second large polygon. Then line it up and glue it to the bottom of the pumpkin for a finished look.

Attach the last bottom polygon.

Create and Attach The Stem

Fold the stem on the score line. Then use a Quilling Tool to roll up your stem.

Roll the stem with a paper quilling tool.

Shape the stem with your hands.

Shape the pumpkin stem.

Then slip the end of the stem into the slot on the smaller polygon and glue it into place.

Attach the pumpkin stem to the top panel.

Fold and Attach The Leaf

Fold the leaf along the score lines. Then slip the leaf into the slot of the polygon and glue it into place.

Fold and attach the leaf to the top panel.

Roll and Attach The Tendrils

To create the tendrils, roll the two long skinny rectangles with the quilling tool. Roll inward from each end towards the middle. Then use your hands to shape the tendrils like in the image below.

Curl up the vine pieces.

Then slip the end of the tendrils through the slot and glue them into place.

Attach the vine pieces to the top of the pumpkin,

Now glue the polygon to the top of the pumpkin. That’s it, your pumpkin is complete!

Add An LED Light For A Soft Glow

3D paper pumpkin SVG fully assembled.

Add a small LED light under the pumpkin to illuminate it in the evenings. I recommend using the remote control tea lights. Then you can easily turn them on and off with the click of a button. They cost a little more, but they’re simple to use.

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Handmade pumpkin luminaries for fall.
How to make paper pumpkin luminaries for fall.
Pretty paper pumpkin craft for fall.
Handmade paper pumpkin lanterns for fall, Thanksgiving or Halloween.

I hope you enjoy these paper pumpkins as much as I do. Have a wonderful fall season and happy crafting!



    1. Hi Jolene. I think you could use Mod Podge, but it won’t have as nice of a finish. Mod Podge takes much longer to dry and it with soften/wrinkle the paper some. I’ve tried other adhesives, too. I’ve found that paper cement works best for this type of project.

      1. There in no such thing here that is called paper cement in Norway, any suggestion on alternatives, or what is the cement made of, so I can try to get an alternative? Would Xyron work with permanent adhesive? I have that.

        1. Hi Caroline. Using a Xyron on the side panels might work, although I haven’t tried it. I would add it to the backside of the vine panel so the vellum that shows through isn’t sticky. You are looking for an adhesive that dries clear, doesn’t wrinkle the paper, covers the full surface of the side panels and has a strong bond. I hope this helps.

      1. Hi Lucie. I’m so glad you like the pumpkins! I think you will enjoy the snowmen, too. They are a really cute addition to your holiday decor.

    1. Hi Patti. I’m guessing you’re a Cricut user and you downloaded the SVG files. For some reason they are resizing smaller when you import them into the software. Another reader has mentioned it to me. I will be adding the correct dimensions in the post today for those using a Cricut. You will need to size them up before you cut them.

        1. Hi Stephanie. It is much easier to resize them while they are all grouped together. The sizes given in the post above are for all of the items grouped together. If you are looking for the size of one individual piece (one of the 12 side panels), the dimensions are width=1.817 height=8.705. One vellum panel is w=1.817 X h=7.639. Top polygon is W=2.5 X H=2.5. Bottom polygon is W=3.995 X H=3.995. Support rectangle is 5.75 X 0.427. Stem is W=0.964 X H=6.354. Leaf is W=4.082 X H=3.733.

          1. Thank you sooooo much!!! I had them all grouped together, but the pieces weren’t lining up correctly for me.

        1. Hi Lisa. Here they are: File Dimensions

          Pumpkin Luminary Panels – Width: 11.222, Height: 8.705
          Pumpkin Luminary Parts – Width: 10.013, Height: 9.282
          Pumpkin Luminary Vellum – Width: 8.092, Height: 9.827

  1. These translucent pumpkins are adorable. I don’t have a cutting machine, but am very experienced with paper-cutting by hand. Is it possible to get a pattern that I can use without a machine? Thanks!

    1. Hi Betty-Lou. I honestly didn’t think anyone would want to cut them by hand. You are amazing! I will upload a printable PDF to the library for you today. Check back tomorrow and it will be there. Happy crafting!

  2. Is there a step between resizing the file and cutting? I changed the size moved on to cut the pattern out, and the inside pattern does not line up with the side piece. Am I missing something? I am using a cricut, so I don’t know if this is the issue.

    1. Hi Melissa. I’m going to have to get a Cricut after this post. I honestly don’t know how to help you. My guess is that you need to group the images together before resizing them. That is how other design programs work. I would recommend testing on plain paper and only cutting one section of the pumpkin before trying to cut the full file. I wish I could help more, but I just can’t troubleshoot it without the software/Cricut.

    2. Melissa, when resizing a ‘patter’, you must get the parts aligned and then group them.. that way when you resize one layer the other layer will automatically resize.. actually you need to Group all pieces… I’m going to download this now and might get back to you… I love this pumpkin.

  3. HI! The Cricut Maker that I have can only cut up to 11.5″ width. Your dimensions are larger than that, which is probably why it’s resizing it.

  4. It looks like the SVG files don’t include the bottom hexagon pieces. Only the top two are in the files. Did I miss something? Looking forward to making this! They are so elegant looking!
    Thanks for sharing! – Sue

    1. Hi Suzanne. I’m so glad you like the paper pumpkins! The top two polygons are nested in the bottom two. Once they are cut, you should have 4 pieces. The bottom pieces have a hole for the LED candles. This just helps save on paper. I hope this helps!

      1. It looks like the SVG file only includes the ‘structure’ pieces and the stem &leaf. It seems to be missing the beautiful pumpkin itself. Is anyone else having this difficulty?
        Love the pumpkin, just wish O could figure this out! Thanks!

        1. Hi Vanessa. Thanks for reaching out. I think you are looking at the preview of the file. When you click on the link in the library, it brings up a preview of the download (for the SVG files). It’s only giving you a snapshot of what you will be downloading. You need to click on the downward facing arrow in the upper right corner and save the files to your computer (Downloads Folder). Then open up your cutting machines software (i.e.Cricut Design Space). Now upload the file. Once it is on your canvas, click on it and drag the file to the right and you will see all of the pieces, including the vine panels. Let me know if you still have questions and I’ll do my best to help.

  5. Love, love, love these pumpkins; however, it would have been a bit more helpful if you had used a darker color (either on the pumpkin or the vellum) to make it easier to follow your directions (i.e., distinguishing the inside/outside, etc)…or maybe I simply have bad eyesight! I can’t wait to try these with my Cricut. And yes, you are correct when it comes to resizing your SVG file all items must be “grouped” or they won’t size correctly. I think the bottom line is that Cricut wants its user to buy THEIR files and not upload personal projects.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. I’m so glad you like the pumpkins and thank you for the tip. I will consider using a darker paper in future tutorials…I wouldn’t have thought of that. I am surprised by the SVG file challenges, I thought they would be standard for users across platforms. I know SVG files are popular for use on the web because they are resized by a mathematical equation and don’t pixelate the way other files do.

      1. A scrapbook paper with different designs or colors front and back would have helped me even more. I’m trying to follow along with my laptop as I assemble and the white on white just is sooo tiring to my eyes. Although I love your finished product I have to admit I’m struggling here.

  6. These are so stinking pretty! I’m excited to make them but I also was having trouble getting the intricate part to match up with the bands of the pumpkin in cricut design space. It appears to me that you could select the 2 and slice but it won’t allow me to do that? If any cricut-ers figure that out, please share!
    The rest of your projects are also super cute! i’m sure i’ll be making quite a few of them!

    1. Thank you Sara. I’m glad you like them. I’m sorry about the Cricut problems. It’s just not my jam yet. If anyone has a solution, I’ll be sure to post it. Just let me know.

    2. Sara, I have them in Cricut and I found that I have to select a panel that has the fussy design and hit Slice. I did one and just duplicated it 10 times. This is a difficult patter to use in Cricut DS. Also the lines that should be scored come up as cut lines (tiny lines at top and bottom of each tiny panel) so need to change them to score or as I am; I’m deleting them and just hand folding them. This applies to the tiny skinny rectangle pieces.. they are set to cut, which we don’t want.. change or delete the lines. What else…. hmmmm. Ok, back… You have to change the color of the stem and leaf(leaves) from red. hope this helps Diana

    3. Sara, in DS you select the two panels and Attach them. Also the tiny ‘fold’ lines at the top and bottom are set to cut, and we don’t want that so either change them to score or delete and do folds by hand. This is a beautiful project.. Thanks Laura

    1. Hallo. Es gibt keine kostenlosen Dateien mit diesem Beitrag, aber wenn Sie meine Website abonnieren, habe ich eine Bibliothek mit kostenlosen Dateien. Wenn Sie Fragen haben, senden Sie mir eine E-Mail an Ich arbeite mit Google Translate. Verzeihen Sie mir, wenn es Probleme mit der Übersetzung gibt.

  7. Hi Laura – the svg/cricut problem got too much for me recently so I did some investigation and have solved it! Basically Cricut (who knows why) is set to 72 pixels (px) per inch. However most (I believe) vector graphics software use 96 px per inch. I use Inkscape and was able to fix the problem by setting, within the document properties, the scale to 72 rather than 96. I wasn’t sure if your comments would allow linking to websites but feel free to email me and I can point you to the website forums that solved it for me! – happy crafting, Sharon ….PS Awesome pumpkin design!

    1. Hi, trying to make this on my Cricut in Sure Suts A Lot – yes, super old but usually works!! I’d love to know how you resized in Inkscape to make this work.

      1. Hi Brandi. I have never used Inkscape, so I’m not exactly sure how this looks for you. I design all of my files in Illustrator and Silhouette Studio. I would imagine the files will be the same size no matter the software. The file dimensions for the full pages are available in the post. These would be used before you ungroup the items. If you are looking for the file dimensions for each individual piece, they are: side pumpkin panel=width=1.817 height=8.705. One vellum panel is w=1.817 X h=7.639. Top polygon is W=2.5 X H=2.5. Bottom polygon is W=3.995 X H=3.995. Support rectangle is 5.75 X 0.427. Stem is W=0.964 X H=6.354. Leaf is W=4.082 X H=3.733. I hope this helps.

  8. This is gorgeous. I’d love to have the free pdf and Svg file; incase I can go to the library and use their laser cutter. Thanks!!!

    1. Hi Kathy. Thank you for the encouragement. The SVG files and PDF files are both in the library. You would need to subscribe at the top right sidebar to access the files in my free library. I’m not sure what a laser cutter is, but this is how you access my files for personal use. Hope this helps!

  9. Hi, I’m in the process of making one of your beautiful pumpkin lanterns and have found there are no measurements (that I have found) for the top and bottom, leaf or stem. I cut them with my Cricut just the way the we’re in the file but find them to be way too small. Would you be able to provide these measurements so I could complete the pumpkin? I’m making it for a cousin whose birthday is today. Thanks so much for the free files and your help.

    1. Hi Victoria. It is much easier to resize them while they are all grouped together. Those measurements are in the post. The sizes for the individual pieces are: side pumpkin panel=width=1.817 height=8.705. One vellum panel is w=1.817 X h=7.639. Top polygon is W=2.5 X H=2.5. Bottom polygon is W=3.995 X H=3.995. Support rectangle is 5.75 X 0.427. Stem is W=0.964 X H=6.354. Leaf is W=4.082 X H=3.733. I think this is what you were looking for. If you have any other questions, let me know.

    1. Hi Jamie. You can use other adhesives. I like the paper cement because it has a really strong bond and dries clear with no extra sticky residue. When constructing with paper, you want to make sure your adhesive holds really well or your project may come apart. I’ve had this happen in the past when using glue or tape runners. Hope this helps.

  10. Well, I cut all this out with my Cricut Air, put it all together – and it is BEAUTIFUL – However, I came into my craft room this morning to find this gorgeous pumpkin almost FLAT!!!! I used the expensive Cricut cardstock paper, too. I’m so disappointed. Boo Hoo. I suppose our extreme humidity in Florida is simply not meant for this project. I cut a second one and was going to take it with me on my trip out west and put together to give as a gift, but now I am hesitant. Whaaaaa.

    1. Hi Diana. I’m sorry you’re having trouble. My pumpkins are holding up great…except the one on my bottom step that my dog keeps stepping on. 🙂 It looks like Cricut card-stock is 80 lb. cover, so I don’t think that is the problem. I did use the thicker vellum, 93 GSM or higher. The only other thing I can think of is the adhesive. I recommend the paper cement, it holds really well. While it could be the humidity, I think it might be one of these other things. If you still think it’s humidity, one other idea that could help is adding a tube of vellum to the middle of the pumpkin. I would cut it to the right height and roll it up like a toilet paper roll and secure it closed with adhesive. Then, slip it up the middle. Just make sure it’s wide enough to put your tea light in it. Hopefully one of these things will solve your problem. Happy crafting!

  11. Hi,
    I was able to take your idea, and created something similar for Cricut. I have a picture, but I don’t see where I can attach it. Also, I would be happy to share what I did, if someone could help me figure out how to do it.

    1. Hi Sandy. Great question. I have not tried rubber cement, but I did a quick Google search for you. It looks like paper cement is just for paper, but rubber cement will even glue paper to metal, leather to book covers etc. I can’t speak from personal experience, but the description under rubber cement on Amazon says it works for paper. I was looking at BEST-TEST rubber cement. I hope this helps.

  12. HI Just wondering with the paper cement – do you rub off the paper cement from the vellum after you put the 2 pieces together? Does the cement dry clear and unsticky unless connected to the other paper with the paper cement? just wondering how the paper cement works and if the glue lines show through once lit up? thanks

    1. Hi Wendy. This is a good question. The paper cement does show slightly, but it’s not that sticky once it dries. You could rub it off of the exposed areas, but I just left it alone. It really doesn’t show that bad. Tape runners and the Xyron sticker machine leave a lot of long sticky glue webbing in the exposed areas. A glue stick will work in a pinch, but it may not hold together over time. That’s why I went with the paper cement, it created a strong bond, dried pretty clear and wasn’t overly sticky once it dried.

  13. Hi Laura,

    These paper pumpkins are beautiful. Thank you for sharing the files. I don’t have a cutting machine, but I wanted to try this project. I’m having trouble finding the PDF file. I only see SVG, DXF, EPS, and PNG.

    1. Hi Su. I didn’t include the PDF on this project because I thought it would be a bit much for someone to cut by hand. I will be loading some updated files next week and I will include the PDF files for you. Check back late next week and it should be available.

    1. Hi Ann. I just manually added you and I will follow up with an email to make sure you’re all set. Sorry about that, every now and then the automated system doesn’t work out.

  14. Hello and thank you very much for this amazing pumpkins! I just wanted to ask, if the Silhouette program knows which lines to cut and which ones are only to scratch, I can’t see it in the program and don’t want to waste paper.

    1. Hi Steffi. Good question. You need to change the cut lines to score lines. I just finished a complete YouTube video on this, with Cricut Design Space and Silhouette Studio along with assembly instructions. It will be available tomorrow and I will be sending a newsletter out to let everyone know. This will show you exactly what to do.

  15. In the video you showed two different lights, the LED remote with color changing is what I am interested in, but I cannot find a link to those specific lights. Would you be able to share where you purchased them? They are not the remote flame like tea lights.

    Thank you.

  16. Love it! Thank you, Laura, for sharing your file. Your video tutorial is excellent! Clear, easy-to-follow instructions for using a Cricut.

    1. Hi Kate. Thank you for reaching out and I’m glad you liked the tutorial. I’m always striving to make things better for my readers and I appreciate the feedback!

  17. I made one of these the other day (using my Cricut) and love it! Thank you so much for the design and your detailed directions.

    I’d like to make a set of three pumpkins; small, medium, large. How would you recommend resizing the SVG and what sizes would you recommend? Thanks!

    1. Hi Tammy. I’m so glad you like the paper pumpkins. I’m working on some new designs and updated videos that include resizing them. It will be a week or so until they are released. I recommend cutting them from 8.5 X 11 and then making a larger one from 12 X 12 cardstock. The patterns in these pumpkins are very detailed, so I’m not sure about cutting them smaller than what fits on 8.5 X 11. You can test it out. To resize them in your software, select all of the pumpkin pieces together. Then resize them larger or smaller. As a guide, you can create a rectangle (8.5 X 11 or 12 X 12) and send it to the back of your canvas. Then stretch the pumpkin panels to fit in that rectangle to give you a visual of the paper size you are working with. When you’re done, delete the rectangle. The most important part of this process is to resize all of the items (panels, stems, vellum, top, and bottom, etc.) together. I hope this helps!

      1. Thanks for this advice, Laura. I made my set of three and just wanted to let you know that a 5.5″ cut works beautifully. The smaller pumpkin might be my favorite one!

        Thanks again!

  18. I loved this from the moment I saw it! Thank you for the pattern. I just made a large pumpkin and now I will make one for my daughters. Your instructions were great and easy to follow.

  19. I made two of these after I downloaded the free pattern a while ago. They were beautiful however with time the 4 support pieces started sagging and now they have lost their beautiful shape. I’d recommend using something much heavier for the supports. The new designs are awesome!!

    1. Hi Kate. Thank you for reaching out and sharing. The support pieces are meant to pull down the top of the pumpkin to make it more round. When using the 100 GSM vellum with the 65 lb. cardstock, sagging shouldn’t be a problem. However, there is no harm in using heavier cardstock for the supports, since they are simple rectangles. I recommend the 65 lb cardstock for the patterns because it is easier to cut out the detailed intricate cuts from a slightly thinner cardstock. Also, just to mention, with this being a paper project, any exposure to humidity or moisture will make them sag.

    1. Hi Beca. Once they are assembled, they cannot be taken apart. I store them in plastic totes when they’re not in season. Hopefully this helps.

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