Light Up Snowman SVG And Printable 3D Paper Craft

Chase away the winter blues with these cute snowman SVG files. This adorable 3D paper craft will warm up your winter decor by adding an LED tea light for a soft glow. They also make sweet handmade gifts for Valentine’s Day. Whether you are a Cricut, Silhouette, or handcrafter, there are several different file types to suit your needs. I’ve included the SVG, DXF, EPS, and PNG printables so everyone can make these snowmen.

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I designed these paper snowmen to be cut on an electronic cutting machine (i.e. Silhouette Cameo or Cricut). Before you begin this craft, you’ll need to cut out the various pieces for assembly.

Snowman SVG Files

In honor of Valentine’s day and for a limited time, I’ve shared these snowman files for free in the resource library. To download your free SVG snowman files or PNG printable, subscribe at the top right sidebar or at the bottom of this post.

3D Light Up Paper Snowman SVG With Heart Pattern

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Large 3D Paper Snowmen Available

If you love snowmen, I’ve designed these large 3D Paper Snowmen as well. You can find that article here. Here is a picture of the large snowmen.


Once assembled each snowman measures about 7″ tall and 6″ wide (including the arms). You will need (2) 8.5″ X 11″ pieces of card stock and (2) 8.5″ X 11″ pieces of vellum for each snowman body. I recommend using 65 lb. card stock and 93 GSM vellum. Additionally, you will need other colors for the snowman hat, face, and banner. Snowman accessories, not included with the files are ribbon or fleece socks (from Dollar Tree) for the scarf and hat, chenille stem for arms, and string/floss for the banner.

Supplies To Create The Paper Snowman


These cut settings are for 65 lb. card stock using a new auto-blade. You’ll also want to use a light grip cutting mat. If you have not completed the download step, refer back to the DOWNLOAD THE SNOWMAN section up above for instructions.

Open the PAPER SNOWMAN FILE in Silhouette Studio. It will be in the location you downloaded it from the library.

Card-stock Cut Settings

Blade: 5, Force: 30, Speed: 4, Passes: 2, Overcut: On

The pattern should cut completely through the cardstock, so you can lift it off of the cutting mat, leaving all of the extra bits behind on the mat.

Remove the paper snowman panels from your cutting mat, leaving all of the extra bits behind.

Then you can just scrape them off of the mat.

Removing the extra cut pieces from a cutting mat.

If you are running into problems, adjust your cut settings and double-check that overcut is turned on and you are making two passes with your blade.

When cutting vellum, use a clean, light grip mat. If you have debris on your mat, it may cause the vellum to snag. After you place the vellum on the mat roll it with a brayer.

Vellum Cut Settings For Silhouette Studio (for 93 GSM vellum)

Blade: 3, Force: 19, Speed: 6, Passes: 1, Overcut: Off

Be careful when removing the vellum from the light grip mat. Lift one petal at a time ending with the center of the pattern. If you try to remove it too quickly, the vellum may tear.

Removing cut vellum from a light grip mat for a paper snowman craft.


Open Cricut Design Space. Click upload on the bottom left toolbar. Then click upload image and then browse. Select the SVG version of the Paper Snowman File that you downloaded earlier from the library. If you have not completed the download step, refer back to the DOWNLOAD THE SNOWMAN SVG TEMPLATES section up above for instructions.

Click open and rename the file and add tags if you want to. Then click save. Now select the file and choose Insert Images.

Once the file is on your canvas, drag it to the right so the whole file is in view. Then right-click on it and ungroup the images. Now you will need to ungroup each of the four pages as well. If you don’t ungroup the files, you will have trouble attaching the score lines later. Now, working in the layers panel, select all of the black layers (there are 4 black layers that need to be changed from cut to score. Two of them are on the blue layers and two of them are located in the gray hat layers. The 5th black layer is two circles together for the eyes. This layer should remain a cut layer. Once all of the black cut lines are selected, change the line type from cut to score.

Now go back and attach the score lines to the corresponding panel. There are two blue panels with score lines and two gray panels with score lines. If you are having trouble attaching them, check to make sure the panel is not grouped with another item.

Click Make It. If you see any random black lines at the top, you missed attaching your score lines. Click cancel and go back to your canvas and attach your score lines. Check to make sure your preview looks correct and click continue. Set your base material to Cardstock For Intricate Cuts. Load your 65 lb. card stock on a light grip mat. Add your tools, i.e. scoring wheel, then fine-point blade. Load your mat into the machine and press Go. When you have completed cutting all of your cardstock pieces click finish.

For the vellum panels, be sure to change your material to vellum. Also, be sure to use a clean light grip mat. If you have debris on the mat, it may cause the blade to rip the vellum. After you place the vellum on the mat, roll over it with a brayer. Vellum is brittle and tears easily, so I found these two steps really help the cut process.

Note: Take care when removing your vellum from the mat as it tears easily. Lift one section at a time, finishing with the center.


Before you begin, be sure you have all of the pieces cut and ready to assemble. You will have two snowman body panels, one large and one small, two vellum panels, and four 12-sided polygons.

SVG Snowman pieces cut and ready to be assembled.

The snowman hat, face, and banner assembly are further down the page.

SVG files cut and ready to assemble for a 3D paper snowman.

To add adhesive to my panels, I ran them through my 9″ Xyron sticker machine. This is a fast & clean method for adding the adhesive. You could also use paper cement or a glue stick. I’ve tried tape runners, but they don’t work great with the cutouts on the panels.

Using a Xyron Creative Station to add adhesive to the snowman panels.

I also ran the 12-sided polygons through the Xyron sticker machine.

SVG files cut , with adhesive added and ready to assemble for a 3D paper snowman.

At this point, I peeled off the top thin layer of plastic and trimmed the sticker backing down. See the below image.

Paper panel with adhesive added.

Then I flipped the image over on an old cutting mat (use a light grip mat), using it as a third hand. Now peel the sticker paperback and fold it over at the halfway point (see image below). Don’t pull the sticker backing up towards the ceiling, roll it back flat along the mat.

How to combine the vellum and card-stock panels for a light up paper snowman.

Leaving half of the sticker paper covering the card stock will give you more control over placing and lining up the vellum while sticking it to the panel. Use the center circle as a guide for lining the vellum and card stock up.

How to combine the vellum and card-stock panels for a light up paper snowman.

I peeled back the paper a little at a time, finishing with the last three petals. When done, I pressed the vellum into place on each petal one last time and removed it from the light grip mat.

How to combine the vellum and card-stock panels for a light up paper snowman.

Each of the petals has a score line for folding on the end. Once folded, remove the sticker backing from the polygon and begin attaching each petal along the 12-sided polygon. Remember, the large snowman panel goes with the large vellum panel and the large 12-sided polygon. The small panels also all go together.

Assembling one section of a paper snowman.

Work your way around the polygon until all of the petals have been attached.

Assembling one section of a paper snowman.

Then remove the sticker paper from the other large polygon and stick it on top. Using the two polygons helps to hold the petals firmly in place, so they don’t pop off and gives the bottom a smooth finish.

Assembling one section of a paper snowman.

Flip the completed snowman round over and press it down slightly to round out the snowman bottom. This pushes the side petals outward and gives it a rounded snowball effect.

One completed panel for a 3D paper snowman.

Once you have completed the top and bottom pieces, glue them together. Use hot glue or quick-drying tacky glue for this part, since it’s more sturdy and will hold up better.

Assembling the top and bottom panels for a 3D paper snowman craft.

Here is an image of the top and bottom pieces when completed. Don’t worry if they aren’t lined up perfectly, the snowman scarf will cover any imperfections.

Assembling the top and bottom panels for a 3D paper snowman craft.

Here it is starting to take shape.

Adding a scarf to a paper snowman craft.


To create the snowman nose, use the long skinny rectangle, cut from orange cardstock or paper. Fold the long strip in half to make it thicker.

How to make a paper nose for a snowman.

Roll the double-thick paper around a skinny paint brush handle or kitchen skewer. When you get to the end, one edge of the paper will stick out further than the other. Snip off the extra material with a pair of scissors.

How to make a paper nose for a snowman.

Use some adhesive to glue the two loose ends together. Then, add a little adhesive to the inside of the folded end and roll it tightly.

How to make a paper nose for a snowman.

The adhesive will hold the tip of the “carrot” nose together. Add a little more adhesive to the inside wide end of the “carrot” nose to keep it from unraveling. Then use scissors to cut the edge of it flat, so it will fit flush against the snowman’s face.

How to make a paper nose for a snowman.

Fill the cone of the nose with hot glue. To prevent the glue from oozing out on the snowman’s face, take care not to overfill it.

How to make a paper nose for a snowman.

Then press the nose in place on the snowman.

Adding a paper nose to a 3D snowman.

Use the two tiny black circles for the eyes. Since the eyes are so small, it might be easier to use your crafting tweezers to place them. Add a tiny bit of glue to the circles and stick them into place on your snowman.

Adding eyes to a paper snowman.


You can use ribbon or fabric for the snowman scarf and hat. For my snowman, I used some dollar-store socks. I just cut them into 1/2″ strips and then pulled the material outward (left & right). Since the material is fleece, the fabric curled into a skinny strip, hiding the raw edges.

How to make a snowman scarf craft.

Then I tied one strip around the hat and used the other like a scarf.

Assembling a 3D paper snowman.

At this point, I slid a chenille stem through one side of the snowman and out the other. If you are having trouble with this, press the snowman downward and it will open up the gaps between the petals/panels.

How to fold the chenille stem for paper snowman craft arms & hands.

To make the mitten hands, fold the end of the stems in a zig-zag motion like a sideways letter “M”.

How to fold the chenille stem for paper snowman craft arms & hands.

Place the middle of the “M” on the main part of the stem and twist it under and back to the top. This gives the impression of a mitten.

Assembling a 3D paper snowman craft.

Now thread some floss or thin string through the hearts and tie them to the snowman’s hands.

To create the hearts, use an adhesive to glue the solid white heart behind the pink “letter” heart. The side holes should line up.

Love banner for a paper snowman craft.


I designed the snowman hat bill to have a downward curve effect once it’s assembled, so there is a bit of tension on the hat. I recommend using hot glue or quick-drying tacky glue to hold it together instead of a tape runner or glue stick. The picture below shows the 3 pieces cut for the hat.

Individually cut pieces of a paper snowman hat craft.

Start by folding along all of the score lines on the tabs.

Folding the score line for a paper snowman hat.

Now roll up the long panel, so it fits inside the bill of the hat. Slide it through the center circle of the bill, so the tabs stop at the bottom of the circle. Then use hot glue to hold the tabs into place on the bottom of the bill.

Assembling a paper snowman hat.

Now hot glue the ends of the panel together. Make sure to assemble the hat in this order, as the bill of the hat sets the circumference for the side panel. The top of the side panel should be flush.

Assembling a paper snowman hat.

For the top of the hat, you can use a tape runner to add adhesive to each of the tabs.

Adding adhesive to the top panel of a paper snowman hat.

Then fold all of the tabs downward and slip the circle into the middle of the top of the hat. Once it is flush, press the adhesive on the tabs into the inside of the hat to hold them in place.

Inside of a paper snowman hat.

You can cut out a second bill (circle) and add it to the bottom of the hat, so the tabs don’t show underneath. You can see how the bill of the hat is rounded in the picture below.

Assembled paper snowman hat.

Here is a hat made from a patterned cardstock.

Completed paper snowman hat.

Now place a battery-operated LED light under the base of the snowman. The hole in the middle of the top and bottom layers allows the light to shine up into the top of the snowman. The cut pattern shows during the daylight hours and the illuminated pattern is really cute in the evening.

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Snowman SVG Files


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I hope you enjoy creating these 3D paper snowman SVG files! They make a sweet home decorating item for winter. Have a wonderful Valentine’s day!



  1. Oh the cute!! I can’t stand it. Thank you so much for this awesome file. Running to a store tomorrow to get white cardstock. Used the last few sheets on cards. And I have the perfect pink fluffy yarn.

  2. Love the Snowmen. Made the pumpkins at Thanksgiving for my centerpiece on my table. Everyone loved them. These may be on my table this Christmas.

    1. Hi Lynn. Thank you for the encouragement. I’m so glad you like the snowmen and the pumpkins. I have so many ideas for future projects and I’m looking forward to sharing them!

  3. I downloaded the svg and pdf files, however do you have a pdf for the instructions that can be downloaded? This is the cutest snowman I have ever seen and very anxious to make it.

    1. Hi Jessie. I’m so glad you like the snowmen. I really enjoy them, too. I don’t believe I created PDF instructions for this project. I do plan to make videos for these in the future. You’ll need to follow through the blog post to create them for now.

  4. These are so darn cute. I would love to make these I have an older cricut. I’t does seem to be able to hook up to a computer. I’ve just never gone that far with it. I guess I really need to take a class, anyway, can this be downloaded from a regular computer?
    Thank you for sharing your cute ideas

    1. Hi Cheri. If you have one of the older Cricut machines that use the cartridges, I don’t believe you can use other files with it. My files can be downloaded to a regular PC, but you would either need the Cricut or Silhouette software to upload or open the files and cut them. I do have some hand paper crafters on my list that use a craft knife and print the patterns off as a PDF on light card-stock. Then they cut them by hand. However, if you are not skilled with a lot of patience, it would be difficult to create them that way. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you more.

  5. These are so delightful!!! Found this shared on Pinterest. I haven’t used my Silhouette in a bit … and this has given me so much inspiration! Thank you!!

    1. Hi PJ. I’m so glad you like the snowmen and I hope you enjoy making them. Fire up that Silhouette machine, there are so many fun projects you can make with it!

    1. Hi Mia. Thank you for reaching out. The small light up snowman does have an SVG file. It’s the first option under the Light Up Snowman files in the library.

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