Paper Rocket Craft With Free Templates

This red, white and blue paper rocket craft is perfect for a Fourth of July table centerpiece. Once cut, you can have your kids assemble them. Learn how to download the free templates, cut and assemble them in just a few simple steps.

How to make paper rockets with free templates.


In this tutorial, I will show you how to make these paper rockets using pre-designed templates. You can use an electronic cutting machine (i.e. Silhouette Cameo or Cricut) or print off the PDF or PNG files to use as a template to cut the files by hand.

How to make paper rockets with free templates.

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Red, white and blue paper for paper rocket craft.

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If you don’t have a cutting machine, you will want to open the PDF version of the files and print them on your cardstock. Then use a self-healing mat, straight edge and crafting knife to cut out the templates following the black lines on the template.


These cut settings are for 65 lb. card-stock using a new auto-blade. You’ll also want to use a light grip cutting mat. If you have not completed the download step, refer back to the DOWNLOAD THE FREE TEMPLATE section up above for instructions. Download the SVG files if you are using the Designer or Business Edition of Silhouette Studio. If you have the basic edition (free version) of Silhouette Studio download the DXF file. Note: Sometimes the DXF files open in the gray area surrounding your canvas. You may need to choose (CTRL -) that’s the Control Key plus the Minus Key, to zoom out and see the DXF file.

Open Silhouette Studio. Then choose File then Open and choose the PAPER ROCKET FILE you downloaded from the library to your computer. The files will be in the location you downloaded them to previously.

Change the score lines on the tab panels to a dashed line so they fold, but don’t cut. Go to the Send panel and change your cut settings to the following:

Card-stock Cut Settings

Blade: 5, Force: 30, Speed: 4, Passes: 1, Overcut: ON

Load your material on your light grip cutting mat and load it into your machine. Then press send.


Open Cricut Design Space. Click upload on the bottom left toolbar. Then click upload image and then browse. Select the SVG version of the PAPER ROCKET FILE that you downloaded earlier from the library. If you have not completed the download step, refer back to the DOWNLOAD THE FREE TEMPLATES section up above for instructions.

Click open and rename the file and add tags if you want to. Then click save. Now select the file and choose Insert Images.


Once the file is on your canvas, left click on it to select it. Then, right click on it and ungroup the layers. Now select the black lines in the layers panel (these are the score lines and there are 13 of them). Click on Linetype on the top panel and change the cut lines to score lines. Below is a screenshot of the SVG file. The yellow boxes indicate the layers that are changed from cut to score.

Score lines for a paper rocket.

After you have created the score lines, highlight the blue layers and click on Attach at the bottom of the layers panel. Repeat this process for the red and then the white layers.

Now click Make It. In your preview panel you will have 3 mats. Change the material size for each mat to 8.5 X 11.

Note: If there are any black lines on a mat by themselves, you need to click cancel on the Preview (bottom right). Then back on your canvas, you need to find the score lines that are not attached. They will be towards the bottom in your layers panel. Then you can click Make It again and check your preview.

Look over the preview and click Continue. Turn on your Cricut machine. Select Cardstock (Medium) for your material. Load your card-stock onto a light grip mat and load the mat into your machine. Load your scoring wheel in the machine and press Go. Once it is done scoring, load your Fine Point blade into the machine and press go again. Repeat the process until all 3 mats are cut.

Below is an image of the files once they are cut.


Once your rocket pieces are cut out, assemble the stars in various patterns. You’ll also want to add your stripes to your white panels before assembling the rocket.

Paper rocket craft template pieces cut before assembly.

I ran my cut pieces through the Xyron Creative Station adhesive machine to turn them into stickers. A glue stick would also work well.

Adding adhesive to your paper rocket craft.

Add your colored pieces over the white pieces before you assemble them.

Adding details to a paper rocket.

If using a thicker paper, you’ll need to use a hot glue gun to hold the 3D shapes together. I tried a tape runner and they eventually opened up again.

Take your main rocket piece (with five tabs) and roll it shut. Then close the short side with hot glue, so it’s rolled up like a toilet paper roll.

Next, fold the tab on the cone, add hot glue and close it.

Creating the top of a paper rocket.

Now fold the five tabs on the body of the rocket slightly inward. Add hot glue to each of the tabs and press the cone onto them. Hold it in place for a few seconds so the glue has a chance to cool.

Final assembly of a paper rocket craft.

Here is one of the finished rockets. The great thing about these patterns is that you can mix and match the cutouts to get a variety of different rockets.

Completed paper rocket craft for the Fourth of July.

For my project base, I used some painted tea tins with craft foam inside. I taped the wood skewers inside the bottom of the rockets. Then I added some stars to the chenille stems with the hot glue, curled the stems and taped them inside the rockets. Next, I pressed the skewers into the craft foam at different heights and angles. To finish off the the top of the tea tins I added shredded paper and curled up the paper scraps left over from the stripes. The leftover stars also work well as confetti.

How to make paper rockets with free templates.


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How to make paper rockets with free templates.
Red, white and blue paper rocket craft for the Fourth of July with free templates.
How to make paper rockets with free templates.
How to make paper rockets with free templates.

I hope you enjoy making these paper rockets as much as I did. They add a fun pop of color to any Fourth of July table. Thanks for following along and happy crafting!



  1. Hi Laura! I love these rockets, and thank you for offering them for free! However, I am having a problem downloading the SVG file. When I click on the SVG file link, the only one that comes up is the blue rocket with the stars. I am missing the white and red rocket SVG files. If I download the PNG file, it looks like the picture on your blog with all 3. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    1. Hi Debbie. I’m so glad you like the paper rockets and thanks for reaching out. When you are in the library and you click on the link to the SVG file, a preview of the file will come up. That is why you are only seeing the first page. You need to click on the downward facing arrow with a line under it (on the upper right)and download it to your computer. Then open Cricut Design Space and upload it to your canvas. Once it is on your canvas, you will see all of the files. I’m not sure why the different versions of files show differently in the preview. Just know that in the future, once you bring them into Cricut Design Space, all of the files will show. I always bundle them together to keep file sharing/saving as simple as possible.

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