Christmas Village Houses: Paper Craft & Free Templates

What is it about Christmas Village Houses that make us smile? Every time I see these cute little towns in a frosty storefront window, I just stop and stare. It reminds me of a simpler time. I can imagine families in church praying or gathering around the dinner table. It’s these special places that bring us together and facilitate friendships and community.

How to make these handmade winter village houses and trees with free SVG cut files and PDF printable templates.

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I wanted to create a special gift for all of my readers this holiday season and these little houses were the first thing that came to mind. I was able to create 5 beautiful cut files and PDF printables to share with you. It’s my way of saying “Merry Christmas!” from my family to yours. I hope you enjoy some time crafting and being together with friends and family this holiday season.


If you’re looking for a way to countdown the Christmas season, then these 24 paper Advent Houses are also available for purchase. They are much smaller in size and have a slot for an LED strip. You can read more about the Advent houses here. Here is a picture of the Advent House Countdown Village.

Christmas Advent House Countdown SVG Files To Create a Christmas Village.


Call me sentimental and detailed, but I’ve decided to name each of the buildings. Both for practical and emotional reasons. Practical – because you need to be able to find the files in the library. Emotional – because everything I design is very personal.

Paper Christmas village craft with free templates.


Each of these little buildings has a special place in my heart. I’ll start with my favorite, the church. Flawed as we are, the church community has brought so much truth and light into our lives. I think of all the ministries that help the hurting and give wisdom when life just seems impossible.

How to make these handmade winter village houses and trees with free SVG cut files and PDF printable templates.

The times spent together here are special: weddings, funerals, celebrations, baptisms, and dedications. Beautiful, caring, loving, and giving friends who nurture and help, even when they themselves have needs. I’ve spent many, many hours in the church and I can honestly say that I would take a really bad day with the church over one “good” day without it.


An emblem of law, order, and justice. I don’t know about you, but I am so thankful we live in a country where there is law and order, which brings peace and justice. Again, just like any institution, it is flawed. But, imagine a world filled with chaos, injustice, crime, and fear.

How to make these handmade winter village houses and trees with free SVG cut files and PDF printable templates.

I give a huge thank you, here, to our police officers, investigators, firefighters, social workers, lawyers, and judges. When I tuck my children into bed at night, I know they are safe because of a community of hardworking, selfless people. They have the privilege to grow up in a country where the value of human life is highly regarded and freedom and equality are core values.


Just tonight we gathered for a tree-lighting ceremony in our neighborhood. So many young families with starry-eyed little ones watching fireworks and listening to carolers.

How to make these handmade winter village houses and trees with free SVG cut files and PDF printable templates.

The Town Hall represents a place where communities can gather and enjoy festivals, holidays, and recreation. It is also a place where we can bring our grievances and differences to peacefully resolve conflict in a fair and just manner. But, the thing that is most endearing about The Town Hall is it is a place where people can come together during times of difficulty.


Last, but certainly not least. The Farmhouse represents families gathered together, enjoying the ups and downs of daily life. It is a place of childhood wonder, joy, comfort, love, and nurture. A shelter from the storm.

How to make these handmade winter village houses and trees with free SVG cut files and PDF printable templates.

As parents, we try to provide, protect and nurture. A home is a place where we invest in the lives of a future generation, teaching, guiding, and directing. It’s a place where we can comfort our spouse after a difficult day, cry over hurt feelings and vent our frustrations. It is here that we celebrate milestones, birthdays, joys, and wins. I am so thankful for my marriage and family!


I’ve prepared this video for you to learn how to download the houses from the library and prepare them to cut in Cricut Design Space and Silhouette Studio.


I’ve created SVG cut files for those with a cutting machine. If you don’t have a cutting machine, you can cut these houses with scissors, but you will need a craft knife and cutting mat to cut out the windows. If cutting by hand, print the PDF version on 8.5 X 11 card stock. Your houses will be a smaller size because the card stock is smaller.


I designed these paper houses to be cut on an electronic cutting machine (i.e. Silhouette Cameo or Cricut). There is an updated version of the SVG and Silhouette files in the library along with video instructions for downloading, cutting, and sizing the files. There is also a JPEG and PDF version of the houses for those of you without cutting machines. Before you begin this craft, you’ll need to cut out the various pieces for assembly.

To download your free files, subscribe at the top right sidebar or at the bottom of this post. After a few moments, you will receive an email confirming your subscription (check your spam or promotions folder if you don’t see it.) Once you confirm your subscription you will receive a “welcome email” with the password. Go to the library page and enter the password in the empty box located below the word “Password”. You can also access the library on the top menu bar any time you’d like with your password.

Please keep in mind that the password is case-sensitive and does have spaces. Also, check to make sure your caps lock is turned off. If you have any problems, email me at and I’ll do my best to help.

Once in the library, you can click on the appropriate links next to the photos to download your files. At this point, a preview window of the file will appear. In the preview window, on the top right, there is a downward-facing arrow with a line under it. Click on the arrow to download the files and save them to your computer.


How to assemble a winter village house for Christmas.

Each house is made from three sheets of 12 X 12 white cardstock and two sheets of vellum. You will cut the same file twice to make each house. There are three files to complete each building. There is the building file, the roof file, and the vellum window file. As an example, the file names for one building will be Town Hall, Town Hall Roof, and Town Hall Windows.

Start by cutting the Town Hall building twice and the Town Hall windows twice. As seen in the photo above.

How to assemble a winter village house for Christmas.

Using a tape runner, add your adhesive to the backside of your cardstock around the perimeter of the windows. Then press your vellum into place.

How to assemble a winter village house for Christmas.

Next, fold the tabs along the score lines in between the two pieces and attach them together using a glue stick or tape runner.

How to assemble a winter village house for Christmas.

Then fold the outer tabs, along the score line and attach them together to form the house (see above). Now fold the tabs on the roof line toward the center of the house.

How to assemble a winter village house for Christmas.

Cut out the roof portion of the building and fold it in half along the score line. Then fold the chimney along the score lines and glue the tab closed, to form the square.

How to assemble a winter village house for Christmas.

Add adhesive to the tabs on the roof line of the house. Center the house on the card-stock roof and press the tabs in place. I ran my finger along the tab to make sure it had a good bond. Then add adhesive to the other side of the tabs and flip the house onto the other side of the roof. I reached inside the house to press the roof tabs tightly to the rooftop.

Add glue to the tabs on the chimney and press it on top of the roof.

Each of the houses assembles in much the same way. So once you assemble one house, you will get a feel for the process.


I added a “tin” roof to The Farmhouse. This was just shiny paper added to a piece of card stock. Once it is cut, it looks like the image below.

How to make a winter village house with a tin roof.

Fold the cardstock back and forth along the score lines.

How to make a winter village house with a tin roof.

Then flatten it out again and fold it in half for the roof. Here is another picture of The Farmhouse roof.

How to make these handmade winter village houses and trees with free SVG cut files and PDF printable templates.


Take your cut vellum and cover it with adhesive. Then tear small pieces of crepe paper and press them on the adhesive.

How to make a paper stain glass window for a Christmas village church.

Using your scissors, cut the extra crepe paper off.

How to make a paper stain glass window for a Christmas village church.
How to make a paper church for a winter Christmas village.

Add adhesive around the window openings on your cardstock. Then press the colored vellum in place. Be sure the crepe paper is facing the inside of the church.


Of all the files I created, the paper trees were the most difficult. It was a lot of trial and error, but I came up with a simple design that doesn’t require you to be an origami ninja. LOL!

How to make a paper evergreen tree for a winter village scene.

Send the file to your cutting machine.

How to make a paper evergreen tree for a winter village scene.

Remove the extra card stock.

Fold along the score lines.

How to make a paper evergreen tree for a winter village scene.

Fold up the two “branches” on the opposite edge from the tab. Add adhesive to the tab and close the tree cone. You may need to use your Silhouette scraper tool to reach inside the tree and press the tab down securely.

How to make a paper evergreen tree for a winter village scene.

Using your Silhouette hook tool, pop up each of the triangles.

How to make a paper evergreen tree for a winter village scene.

Then roll the triangles so the “branches” are pointing upward.

How to make a paper evergreen tree for a winter village scene.
How to make a paper evergreen tree for a winter village scene.

Sometimes the legs of the tree don’t line up perfectly. Just snip off the extra card stock with your scissors, so the tree sits flat.

How to make a paper evergreen tree for a winter village scene.

These little trees are simple to make and I made them in several sizes.

How to make a paper evergreen tree for a winter village scene.

I’ve included a lot of detail here, but this little Christmas village is actually quite simple to assemble.

How to make these handmade winter village houses and trees with free SVG cut files and PDF printable templates.

Add some small LED candles to the inside of your Christmas village houses to give them a warm glow in the evening.

How to make these handmade winter village houses and trees with free SVG cut files and PDF printable templates.

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How to make these handmade winter village houses and trees with free SVG cut files and PDF printable templates.
Four houses for a DIY Christmas village.
Four DIY houses for a Christmas village.
How to make these handmade winter village houses and trees with free SVG cut files and PDF printable templates.
How to make these handmade winter village houses and trees with free SVG cut files and PDF printable templates.

Do you ever create your own Christmas decorations? What do you enjoy making during the holidays? Hopefully, these Christmas village houses bring you joy and inspiration this holiday season. Thanks for stopping by!



    1. Thank you for the encouragement. I really love what I do and I enjoy helping others. This blog is truly a dream come true and I’m so thankful for everyone who visits!

  1. Merci !! Le blog est super ! Plein de DIY et d’idées riches et créatives… de bon goût !! On en veut encore !!! 😉 Nathalie

  2. I would love to make this village set! I downloaded the SVGs as I have a Cricut but, for some reason, some of the lines were missing when I downloaded it. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hi Havilah. I just added an updated version of the files to the library today. They are at the top. I’ve also included a PDF instruction sheet with file sizes and instructions for Cricut users. There are a few changes that need to be made when you open the SVG files in Cricut Design Space. The instructions will walk you through the process.

  3. Bonjour Laura , Merci pour le partage !
    je n’ai pas trouvé les fichiers Silhouette de ce joli village. et je n’arrive pas à transformer les svg 🙁 je ne suis pas douée.
    si vous pouviez me l’envoyer ou le mettre en lien ?
    encore merci et bravo !!

    1. Bonjour Barbara. J’utilise Google Translate ici, alors veuillez pardonner toute erreur dans mon français. Je suis content que vous ayez contacté. J’ai mis à jour les fichiers et ils sont en haut de la bibliothèque, à partir d’aujourd’hui. Il existe une version Silhouette d’entre eux qui devrait fonctionner pour vous. J’espère que cela t’aides!

  4. Hi Laura,
    I really like your designs. I was interested in the paper trees but couldn’t find the file in the library. Is it available?

    Thank you,

  5. I uploaded the new SVG files into Cricut and am attempting to make the projects. I didn’t have any issues with the Town Hall, but I’m having re-sizing issues following your directions on the Farmhouse. Cricut automatically resizes the project once you change the Width. If you change Width to 11.496 (per instructions) the Height auto adjusts to 27.276. If you change Height to 19.685 (per instructions) the Width auto adjusts to 8.297. I get similar issues on the Courthouse, as well. I see you ungrouped and resized separately on the Church which I haven’t tried yet. I guess I’ll just keep playing around. I’m looking forward to making these. Might just be easier to manually cut them. LOL.

    Love your projects!!

    1. Hi Diana. Thank you for reaching out. I updated the PDF file to include each of the individual file sizes on the first page. This should help you with your question. I know it can seem complicated, but once you get the hang of uploading the files in Cricut, it’s really four steps: Ungroup, resize, change cut lines to score lines and Attach. Hopefully this helps.

  6. Aha! I see now the resizing info is DIFFERENT on the first page of the PDF file from the individual instruction pages. I did make the Church last night on plain paper – THANK GOODNESS I DID or I would have WASTED valuable Cricut Kraft Paper. This Church is HUGE. I thought this was a “cute little xmas village” like your description says.

    1. Hi Diana. The file sizes are different because in the instructions the church is still grouped with the steeple. That’s why I added the individual sizes to the top of the PDF. I’m sorry if this confused you, I’m just trying to give everyone as much information as possible. The village is cut from 12″ by 12″ cardstock, so each building is just under a foot tall. You can scale the village down if you’d like. Just group the roof, steeple, house, and vellum together and make sure your lock is on up near the height and width at the top menu. Then you can scale the group down to a smaller size. Just don’t go too small or you will have a hard time folding the tiny steeple. It is a good suggestion to practice on regular paper before jumping right in on more expensive card-stock. I appreciate your eye for detail!

  7. Hi Laura,

    I just subscribed. Thank you so much for creating these incredibly detailed cut files.

    I did notice for the Christmas tree, the cut file seems different than the one from the blog post. From your photos, it looks like the Vs for the branches should be right on the score lines. But in the cut file I downloaded, the Vs sit between the score lines.

    Any reason for this difference? Thanks!

    1. Hi Brian. Thank you for checking. I did redesign the Christmas tree file this year. While the old file did work, it was tricky to fold along the score lines with all of the cut lines. I moved the V’s (cut lines) in the center of the flat areas for easier assembly. I just haven’t had the time to update the photos. The assembly is really similar, it just looks slightly different when the project is complete.

  8. Thanks for the reply, Laura.

    Would it be possible to get the old version of the Christmas tree file? I just really like the look of the branches aligned with the folds. And I’m willing to wrestle with a more difficult assembly.

    1. Hi Brian. I just added it to the library for you. It’s call Original Tree and it’s located just below the new ones in the library. I have to admit, I like the look of the first design a little better, too. Have a nice holiday season!

  9. Your Christmas Village is so beautiful and I think that even I could make these, by hand. My question is I wanted to make and mail the Christmas church in my Christmas cards and I wonder if I can fold the church? Thank you so much and I am definitely subscribing. Merry Christmas and Happy New 2021. 🙂

    1. Hi Janice. Thank you for the encouragement. In regards to the church, there are specific areas where the church is meant to be folded. The PDF church panel, once folded, measures 7.25″ by 4.75″. It would depend on the size of your card, whether it fits or not. You will need to leave the parts unassembled to mail it. Hopefully this answers your question. If not, just let me know. You have a wonderful Christmas and New Year as well!

  10. I love these little building. Thank you!
    I am really interested in the wall in the background with the flourish pattern. Is there a “how to” on it? It’s beautiful!

    1. Hi Julie. I do have a post on the accent wall. You can read all about it in this post. I share the whole process for stenciling the wall and the stencil I used is at the top of the post under supplies.

  11. Hi!
    I am having lots of fun making the Christmas village, thanks for sharing the designs. I decided to use wax paper since I didn’t have any vellum. It looks pretty good!

  12. I’m making the Christmas village, starting with the church. The front and one side have windows, but I’m not sure if I’m supposed to cut an extra side. It looks like the back section folds to make the other side, but there are no windows and if it is the other side wall, (there aren’t fold lines on that piece) it is a bit shorter than the side with windows. That’s fine, but I want to make sure I’m assembing it correctly.

    I printed the PDF templates on card stock, glued embossed scrapbook paper to it, and cut through both thicknesses. I inherited a stash of various white on white paper and it’s perfect for this project.

    I love your projects. There are several I’ll be making with our grandchildren!

    1. Hi Connie. Good question. When using the PDF, you will need to cut two of the house pages to complete the full house. The front and backside of the house are exactly the same. It does fold, which makes the front and one side. Then you print another page to make the back and the other side. I’m so glad you enjoy the project and hope this answers your question.

  13. Thank you so much for sharing this! It is absolutely wonderful! I really appreciate you sharing your talents with me!

  14. Hi! I love your projects, thank you so much! I am relatively new to cutting, and I only have 11 x 8.5 card stock. Could you please let me know what the optimum size would be if I resize the plans? I assume I would group all the elements for each project and resize with the lock on?
    Thanks, Cindy

    1. Hi Cindy. Thank you for reaching out and I’m so glad you like the project. The houses are designed to be cut on 12 X 12 card-stock (65-lb). With that said, since they are SVG files, you can resize them as large or small as you would like or your machine allows. You are correct that the aspect ratio lock should be on to resize them and you want to resize the entire page (one complete house with all the pieces) together.

  15. I love this idea and was hoping to cut and assemble the village with family over Thanksgiving. I downloaded the files but cannot for the life of me find the instructions. Tried to go on without and quickly realized I am truly a novice! Are the instructions somewhere?

    1. Hi Steph. Thanks for reaching out. You can find the instructions for the four free Christmas Houses here.. I don’t have a video for this particular project, but there are videos for the smaller Advent Houses, which are made in much the same way. They are just smaller and use a different size of cardstock/paper. Here is the link to the blog post for the Advent Houses with the videos. When you are in the library and find a project you would like to try, download the file. Then go to the top of the blog and type in the project name like “Christmas Houses” under the search menu or magnifying glass. Then you will get all the instructions/blog posts associated with that project. I hope this helps.

  16. Laura, thank you very much for your generosity with your free designs. You have been very gracious. Answering queries and clarifying things. I made my Christmas houses and they are now being displayed by the window. It does look lovely especially when lit. 😊
    I would like to share it too but don’t know how to do that here. Again, thank you.

  17. Hi Laura. I am thinking about making these houses to put onto a tired tray but I would like to know the height of the finished houses before I make them to know if they are the right size for my tray. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Debbie. The four free houses are actually large in size. They are designed to be cut on 12 X 12 card stock, so the finished houses are around 11.5 inches tall or more with the chimney, etc. With that said, they are SVG files, so you reduce their size. Make sure the aspect ratio is locked. Select all of the files for one house. Example: select the house panels with their score lines, vellum, roof together. Then size the files down together. There is now a video in the blog post that will help you understand this process. Work on one house at a time and test it out before you try to cut them all. I hope this helps.

  18. Hi there. These are so cute!!! I wanted them to be bigger. Can i adjust the size in Cricut Design Space? I think I would rather use the advent ones, but found these and thought they would be bigger. What do you think?

    1. Hi Maddy. The Four (Free) Christmas Village Houses are pretty large in size. They are already designed to be cut on 12×12 card-stock. So you probably cannot make them larger. The 24 Advent Houses (available for purchase) are much smaller in size and are designed to be cut on 8.5 X 11 card-stock.

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