Winter Snowflake Craft: DIY Votive Holders From Up-cycled Oui Jars

These DIY snowflake votives turned out better than I expected. Everyone loves a winter snowflake craft and this one will brighten up your home! They remind me of Milk Glass with little frosty windows. Like those winter scenes, where you’re strolling up a winding country road and stumble across a beautiful farmhouse covered in fresh snow and you can see the warm light glowing through the windows.

Winter snowflake craft making DIY votive holders  from up-cycled Oui Yogurt jars using gloss white paint and vinyl with free cut files.

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I know, I know… I’ve been watching too many Hallmark Christmas movies lately! 🙂 But I do think you’re going to love these snowflake votive holders.

This technique would be great for up-cycling any clear glass jar or even old ceramics. I’ve tried painting ceramics before using a brush, but I had poor results. I ruled it out and moved on, thinking that the paint wouldn’t stick and I’d never get it smooth. Well, I was wrong. Painting glass or ceramics is doable with a little practice and the right products.



Download the snowflakes and the circles file from my free Library. The instructions are at the bottom of this page. I saved it as a JPEG, PDF and Silhouette file. I also made an 8.5 X 11 PDF printable for you.

Free printable & cut file for winter votive craft.

Once you download the file, cut out your vinyl with your Silhouette machine. Then weed out the extra vinyl and set them aside for later. Now you’re ready to get started with your winter snowflake craft. If you need help using your Silhouette Cameo, I have a helpful post here.


Remove the labels from your jars and any sticky residue left behind. I was able to peel most of the glue off by hand. But, if you have a difficult spot of glue, you can use Goo Gone. Then wash your jars with warm soap and water. I also quickly wiped the outside of the jars with rubbing alcohol, to be sure there was no grease or finger prints on them.

Next, place the Oui lids in sandwich bags and use a twist tie to hold them tight to the lid. Then insert the lid back into the jar. The goal is to not get the spray paint inside of the jars. You can also stuff them with newspaper or paper towels.

Prepare your Oui jars for spray paint.

Press a small piece of transfer paper on one of your circles to remove the vinyl decal from it’s paper backing. Then using your transfer paper, place the circle in the middle of the jar. Rub the transfer paper with your fingers and peel it away from the circle. Then repeat the process on the other side of the jar. I was able to use the same piece of transfer paper for all of my decals.

Note: My image shows the snowflake cut out in the middle of the circle. This method didn’t work well, so I changed it to a solid circle to mask the jar from the paint. Then later I added the vinyl snowflake decal in the middle of the circle. As stated by the instructions further down.

Prepare your Oui jars for spray paint.


You will need to do this part of the project in a well ventilated area. I painted my jars in my garage. Place the jars on blocks to keep them from sticking to the drop cloth. Again you’re vinyl will be a solid circle, without the snowflake.

Preparing glass jars for spray paint.

Be sure to shake your can well before beginning. Then make very light even passes with your Krylon Colormaxx spray paint across the jars. I started on the left and worked my way right. It will take several coats to completely cover your jars. Don’t try to coat them all at once or you will create drips/runs. You’re first few coats will not fully cover the jars.

I made one light even pass with the paint, then turned the jars by the wood blocks and lightly coated the other side. Wait 15 minutes, if they are dry to the touch, then do the in between areas. Keep repeating until the jars are opaque white.

Let your jars dry over night before moving to the next step. This gives the paint a chance to cure a little, so it’s not soft.


I found the best way to do this is with an X-Acto Knife. Slip the knife up under the edge of the vinyl to get it started. Then you can just peel it off. The X-Acto Knife prevents the paint from marring while trying to grab the edge of the vinyl.


After you remove your lid or paper from the inside of the jar, use the Rustoleum Frosted Glass to paint the inside of the jars. You only need to coat the circle on the inside of the jar. Then let it dry.

Adding frosted spray paint inside the DIY votive holder.


Add some transfer tape to the top of one snowflake. Remove it from the paper backing, so the transfer tape has the image on it. Then line up the snowflake in the center of your circle on the outside of the jar and press it into place. The vinyl will stick really well to the glass jar, making it easy to remove the transfer tape. This is where your winter snowflake craft really begins to get cute.


Put a little Modge Podge on a paper plate. Then add some glitter to another paper plate. Dip the rim of your jar into the Modge Podge. Then place it in a clean spot on the plate and turn it so the glue evenly covers the rim of the jar. Finally gently dip the rim of the jar into the glitter and set it aside to dry.

Adding Modge Podge to the edge of a DIY votive holder to add glitter.

I found that it worked best to shake up the glitter on the paper plate and add a little fresh glitter to the plate for each jar.

Adding glitter to the edge of a DIY votive holder.


Add the ribbon or the cording of your choice to the top of the jars. This silver bakers twine is similar to what I used. I also added a little bit of Epsom Salt in the bottom of the jar to stabilize the candle. I think sugar would work, but I’ve never tried it.

DIY winter snowflake votive craft


If you are short on time, I made these vinyl snowflake medallions that can be cut out and added to your yogurt jar. You could just get the lid, add the vinyl and some ribbon. Then fill the jars with nuts, M&M’s, or hot cocoa mix to give as gifts.

DiY Snowflake Jars with with snowflake medallion and free printable and cut file.

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Beautiful Winter Snowflake Craft: DIY White Winter Votives
Beautiful Winter Snowflake Craft: DIY White Winter Votives
Beautiful Winter Snowflake Craft: DIY White  Winter Votives
Beautiful Winter Snowflake Craft: DIY White Winter Votives

I hope you enjoyed this winter snowflake craft. I know they make me smile every time I walk past them. Hopefully they’ll give your home a sense of warmth and comfort this winter!



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