Designer Storage Box Makeover With Free Printable Craft Room Labels

It’s impressive how a little paint and decoupage can create a designer look for this storage box makeover. I’ve had these cardboard Ikea TJENA storage containers for a while now. They are an inexpensive solution for organizing my craft supplies.

Storage Box Makeover with paint and decoupage.

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I’m in the process of updating the decor and organization in my craft room/home office. If you’d like to see how I built this Ikea office, you can read all about it here.

When I bought these storage containers, they were teal. I probably should have gone for white, but I must have been feeling especially colorful the day I purchased these. 🙂

I’m saving my budget for some other DIY projects and wanted to sneak through this home office update without spending much money. I was able to update all six bins for about $4. Below is a picture of where I started.

How to update storage boxes with paint and decoupage


Storage Box Makeover with paint and decoupage.


Free Craft Bin Labels for Storage Box Makeover


These craft labels are large in size, approximately 4.75 inches in diameter. You can either print them on Avery full sheet label paper and cut them out or print them on card-stock, cut them with your Silhouette, and use a tape runner to attach them. The labels are available as a free downloadable PDF file and as a free SVG file to print and cut with a cutting machine.

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Start out by painting the sides of the bin using Behr French Gray and a Purdy paint brush. I found it easiest to paint two sides and move on to the next bin. Then, by the time I reached the last bin, I started over at the beginning and painted the other two sides. Finally, I flipped them over and painted the bottom of the bins. One coat would have been sufficient, but I decided to do two coats for better coverage.

How to update storage boxes with paint and decoupage

Some important tips for painting…Because these bins are cardboard, the paint has a tendency to dry quickly. It’s important to put on a good amount of paint, cover a side and smooth it out quickly. If you keep going over it with a brush, you will roll the paint and leave brush marks. My bins dried pretty smooth with this method.

How to update storage boxes with paint and decoupage

Alternatively, you could use a high density foam roller. You will need a paint pan or paper plate. Add the paint to the pan and roll it on. This will give you a really smooth finish. I just enjoy using a paint brush.


I used the same paint method for the lids, only I painted them white (Behr Snowy Pine). I chose white because the napkin is very thin and the paint color will show through it.

Storage Box Makeover with paint and decoupage.

Then, using an inexpensive foam applicator, I added two coats of Polycrylic to the lids. Allowing them to dry in between coats. The Polycrylic is the adhesive we will be using for the decoupage in the next step.


Usually the napkins are three-ply. Meaning you need to separate the layers before you begin the decoupage process.

How to update storage boxes with paint and decoupage

Unfold the napkin, starting at one corner, begin to separate the layers. Repeat this process for the number of lids you have.

How to update storage boxes with paint and decoupage

Once they are separated, take the decorative layer and iron it. I covered it with parchment paper and pressed it with my easy press at 290 degrees. I moved it around until most of the creases were gone.


To support the lid, I placed a pine board under it covered in parchment paper.

Using heat and a board to decoupage a storage box lid.

Then I placed my napkin on top of the lid and covered it with parchment paper. Be sure your Cricut Easy Press or iron are preheated. Then press the napkin to the lid for 10 seconds and move to the next section. Take care not to hold it in one place for too long or you can scorch the napkin and make it yellow.

Using a Cricut Easy Press for decoupage on a storage box makeover.

Once the face side of the lid was done, I moved on to the edges of the lid. I placed the lid on its edge. Supporting the weight of the Easy Press, I gently held it to the edge of the lid for 10 seconds and repeated until the entire perimeter was finished.

Using a Cricut Easy Press for decoupage on a storage box makeover.

Cut off any excess napkin with a pair of scissors or kraft knife. And your lid should look like the image below.


How to update storage boxes with paint and decoupage

At this stage, you need to place another coat of Polycrylic over the napkin to seal and protect it. Using your foam applicator, place an even coat of Polycrylic over the surface of your napkin and let it dry.

Please note: The napkin will bubble and leave some texture when you apply the top coat. If you get any large air bubbles, insert a pin to release the air bubble and then press the spot down with your foam applicator. Also, do not apply too much pressure with the applicator or you can tear the napkin while it’s wet.

Using a Cricut Easy Press for decoupage on a storage box makeover.

When the top coat is dry, press it one last time with you Easy Press or iron. This will flatten it out a little more.

How to update storage boxes with paint and decoupage.

I included this closeup picture of the lid to show you the texture. I love the texture. It has a handmade paper feel to me. But, I know some of you may be looking for an ultra smooth finish and I wanted you to see that is not how it turns out. Honestly, I’ve never been able to get the traditional method of decoupage smooth either. If you have a special tip for this, let us all know in the comments.

Print out and attach your storage labels and your done.

Storage Box Makeover with paint and decoupage.


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Storage Box Makeover with paint and decoupage.
Storage Box Makeover with paint and decoupage.
Free Craft Bin Labels for Storage Box Makeover

Hopefully this storage box makeover gave you some ideas to decorate and organize your craft room or office space. Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Thank you for sharing such a nice library of templates. I was not able to download the labels for craft boxes. SVG files. I was going to use my Silhouette to cut them. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Rosey. The font is called Beloved. It comes in a Sans and Script. It’s available in Adobe Creative Cloud. You’ll have to check if it can be purchased on its own. It is a beautiful font. I hope this helps!

  2. Thank you for this post Laura!
    I am wondering, is the Polycrylic used because of it being a sturdy surface for the napkin?
    Is “Podgy” a different treatment for something else, or is it the same idea. I am covering a few things to match my storage boxes, so they are not as thick or sturdy as the boxes. Is the Polycrylic also suitable for thin base such as cardstock weight?

    1. Hi Judy. I used the Polycrylic because I was out of Mod Podge and read that it was an alternative option. I like to try new methods to see how they work. If you have Mod Podge on hand, use that instead. Apply it in light, thin layers. It may wrinkle the cardstock and the napkin could tear, so I always recommend testing it on a small area first to see what happens.

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