How To Make An Easy Wood Centerpiece For Your Dining Room Table

With the holidays right around the corner, I’ve been working on some simple updates to my winter decorations. It’s helpful to create items that can be used through the holidays and after. I was able to make this simple wood centerpiece in about 30 minutes with just a few simple tools.

Simple and easy dining room table centerpiece.
DIY holiday centerpiece for your dining room table.

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You will need to cut your board to the length you would like it to be. I cut mine on my miter saw, but Home Depot or Lowe’s will cut a board for you for free in the lumber section. Look around in the lumber section, sometimes there are pre-cut project boards available to purchase as well.

Wood board for centerpiece.

Sand your board smooth on both sides and the edges. This will remove rough spots and the mill grain.


Honesty, this is the most difficult part of the project. Take your time and measure twice to make sure it is accurate. Measure the height of your board, and mark a center line on both ends. Then measure in 1.5 inches from each and and mark a strait line to keep your handles parallel with the end of the board. Next, measure the distance between the center of the holes on your handles. Divide that measurement in two. Using that measurement, place a mark for your upper and lower holes for your handle from the center line.

Before you drill the hole, line up your handle next to the marks to be sure it looks right. Then drill your hole through the board. Use a drill bit that is slightly larger than your screw. Here’s a picture of the underside of my board.

Tools to make a wood centerpiece for your table.
Tools to make a wood centerpiece for your table.

Test your holes to make sure everything lines up before you drill your countersink. Flip the board so the bottom is facing up. Place your counter sink bit into your drill. Then place the tip of your countersink bit into the drilled hole and drill and opening for you screw head.

Then lightly sand over the drilled areas to remove any rough spots.


Antiquing wax has such a pretty finish on raw pine. I often use this method with my wood projects. Wearing rubber gloves, dip a blue shop towel into the wax and apply it to your wood. Cover an entire side of the board. Then using a clean towel wipe the extra wax off in long even strokes in the direction of the grain. Repeat this step for the other side of the board and the ends. Let the board dry for several hours or over night. Then you can add your handles to the board.

Tools to make a wood centerpiece for your table.


Apply protective felt circles to each corner of the underside of the board to protect your table.

Now you can add some greenery. I cut some branches from my arborvitae in my backyard. Then I added my votive holders and some pine cones. That’s it. Now you can enjoy your beautiful wood centerpiece all winter.

Greenery on DIY wood centerpiece.
How to make a large rustic wood centerpiece for your dining room table.
How to make a large rustic wood centerpiece for your dining room table.

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How to make a large rustic wood centerpiece for your dining room table.
How to make a large rustic wood centerpiece for your dining room table.
How to make a large rustic wood centerpiece for your dining room table.

Thanks for stopping by to learn how to make a wood centerpiece. Let me know what you think in the comments. Have a blessed winter season!



  1. This is a beautifully done website. Thank you. The projects are professional looking and I would enjoy them in my home.

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