How To Make A Wood Christmas Tree Box To Cover The Stand

It seems like wood Christmas Tree boxes really popular this season.  I’m not surprised since they are beautiful and practical.  For me, they solve two problems.  One: it prevents my Rumba from getting tangled in my tree skirt and two: the distance from the floor to the bottom of my tree isn’t as noticeable with a Tree Collar.  

How to make a Christmas tree stand cover or Christmas Tree Box.

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  1. Measure the width of the legs on your tree stand.  My stand was 22″ wide.  Measure from the floor to the bottom of your Christmas Tree.  The gap between the floor and the bottom of my tree was 15″.  The dimensions of the box I built for my tree were 24″ X 14 1/4″.  The side panels of the box were 1.5″ deeper because of the thickness of the boards.  Your dimensions will be different based on the size of your tree stand.
  2. (8) 1 X 4 pieces to 24″ long.
  3. (8) 1 X 4 pieces to 7″ long.
  4. (4) 1 X 8 pieces to 19″ long.  You can use plywood for this part instead of 1X8.  I just used the supplies I had on hand.


How to build a wood Christms Tree Box.
  1. Find the best face of each board and sand smooth.  I used a rough grit sanding disc first and then moved to a fine grit.  Make sure to sand all the ends, as they will be exposed.
  2. Using your Kreg Jig, drill your pocket holes. To learn how to use a Kreg Jig, watch this video.
  3. Assemble each of the four sides of the box first, then join the sides together.  Note: If you are going to paint the center of the sides red, it will be easier to do this before you attach them.  If you are applying the white vinyl Nordic Star, you will need to add a coat of Polycrylic over the red paint, before you place your vinyl. Also, now is the time to paint the rest of the box white.  Make sure to wipe all of the pieces down and prime them before painting.   
  4. Attach the 1X8 pieces with brad nailer to complete the box.


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Cut your Nordic Star pattern using a Silhouette Cutting Machine. Then weed the extra vinyl. Cover your image with transfer paper and remove it from the original paper backing. Then position and place your image in the red square. Refer to this post for tips on cutting vinyl with your Silhouette Cameo.

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How to make a Christmas tree stand cover or Christmas Tree Box.
How to build a wood Christmas Tree Box.
How to build a wood Christmas Tree Box.

This project turned out so cute!  I will enjoy this Christmas Tree Box for years to come and maybe some day pass this special handmade item on to one of my children.   


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